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your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

10.08. Danger Diva
17.08. HOT SWEATY Divas / Dyke4president DOUBLE FEATURE
24.08. Bike Diva: Ovarian Psycos (Screening)

August 10 2017


Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

A tribute to girl gangs. Zinzi Buchanan & Mel Flash will present & talk about girl gangs, past & present. They will talk about how the gangs have inspired them, as well as reflecting upon their our own "girl gang" experiences.

this will be followed by a DANGER related performance/activity with Zinzi Buchanan & Mel Flash. here is a description of their work on the topic:

the topic of danger is something that has come up for us. we sometimes feel in danger. we sometimes seem dangerous. we are two members of "cute club" - a club for those who seem tough, but are actually cute as hell inside. one musician, one dancer (tho we switch), we use music and dance to energise the journey through the topic of danger considering fear & pain, the real & perceived, self-protection, self-destruction and death.

August 17 2017


your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

We’re building a SAUNA. For real. Come sign up for planning and building days. Get hot’n’sweaty from summer now, and join forces with us so we can get hot’n’sweaty in winter, too! so the halle season will never again end!

Meanwhile have you noticed the ugly ass election posters plastering the city? We don’t like them and have put together a poster to articulate some alternative demands. Based on Zoe Leonard’s 1992 „i want a dyke for president“ comes a 2017 Berlin version.

Come pick up a stack of posters at the Halle tonight, bring your bikes and friends and let’s do a big poster action all over the city. We’ll provide some buckets, glue and brushes, but also please do bring equipment if you have any!

The full poster is available in print resolution (A2) for download **here**. We encourage you to print it, put it up, send it to a friend. Please be aware that glueing own posters on top of election posters is considered a criminal offence (Straftat/Sachbeschädigung) by German law. We encourage you to consider what risks you can take, and if you go out in teams, make sure to check in with each other about that beforehand. Don't despair tho! There are plenty of "legal" ways to put up posters!


August 24 2017

Bike Diva: Ovarian Psycos

your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

Let’s celebrate gangs and bikes – Let’s reclaim the streets.

We are screening the film Ovarian Psycos by Joanna Sokolowski and Kate Trumbull-LaValle and The Ovarian Psycos Cycle Brigade about a new generation of women of color in East Los Angeles who are redefining identity and building community through a raucous, irreverently named bicycle crew: The Ovarian Psycos Cycle Brigade.

Maybe we are lucky enough for good weather open air cinema!

Who comes by bike gets a free drink!





for any questions, comments/concerns, interests in collaboration, event proposals, -or- if you want to subscribe to our mailing list, please contact us at selbstuniversitaet[at]gmail[dot]com