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your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to and came out for our 2017 Diva Heavens!!! Let's continue to be fabulous in spring x

email for dates
from 28.09.2017
10:00 - 18:00
come help us build a future of
*** hot bathhouse talk ***
for ALL queers

October 8 2017

live music & fashion show with M45

For this show Renu and M45 Clothing Company are melting together into an odyssey of electronics and taste in a universe of weird queer nerdy femmes.

M45 Clothing Company is a New York based fashion house dedicated to creating eco-friendly non-exploitative clothing for people of all body types. Nothing is gendered. There is no beauty standard. Empowerment is for everyone.

Line up:
Live music by RENU from album THEY DANCE IN THE DARK
Fashion by M45
Performance by Sugar Mamasota
After Show Djing

A part of entrance and drinks will go as donations to Women in Exile & Friends

Friday the 13th
of October 2017
in Libra season
grand season closing party

In a dark back lit alley, on a small, unnamed street behind Ostkreuz, we invite you to commonly invoke the resurrection of the dyke bar. Let’s celebrate dyke culture in its most expanded sense chanelling past and present complex and fluid experiences of feminine-spectrum queerness.


✧ Angry dyke political esthetician Coco ✧
reading from her latest report on the death of the dyke bar

Why are dyke bars dying? How did we get here and what can we do? What does it mean to not have permanent spaces in which to gather but temporary ones that are dependent upon the jurisdiction of others? How can we look back and learn from the queer herstory of dyke bars that are problematically rooted in second wave feminism’s essentialist claims on dykedom while holistically looking forward to create queer spaces for dykes that envelope a broadened understanding of the term? Join this talk for musings on a contemporary dykesurrection that hopes to incite ideas for a critical resuscitation of the dyke bar.

✧ Les Bos Bar Installation ✧
✧ Dyke Drink Special by Emotional Labor Queen
your light in the dark when it comes to hella matters of the heart. for healing of the heart plz email them, your zodiac included, at emotional.labor.queen@gmail.com
✧ Screening of Macon Reed's Eulogy for the Dyke Bar Film ✧
✧ visuals by Rosie Eveleigh

✧ Trev Flash & Zinzi Buchanan ✧
GET OUT: a performance in our danger series, with personal stories, group (inter)action and music on the topics of safe space, toxic masculinity and knowing if, when and how to let out the wild dog.
+ intermittent softness

TETRA will perform the new EP 'MERCY KILLING', formed from feelings around riots, resistance, growth, lust, current moments

kos_mic q'andi dyke dance hits DJ Set ✧

✧ Indigo Raẏne - Afrodisiac Beats ✧
Indigo Raẏne is a Berlin-based DJ whose style is strongly influenced by the sounds that surrounded them while growing up in a Caribbean family. It’s a special blend of African and Caribbean beats bringing all the good vibes to make you shake you sass!

✧ Berliner Rundfunk 91.4 dj-team ✧
disco and greatest hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s
Der Hit-Herbst bei Berliner Rundfunk 91.4! Ihre achtziger, Ihre Neunziger, einfach Ihre Musik! Garantiert Wiederholungsfrei!

While we may not find answers to any of the above questions, we might find -- through too strong a drink, in a dimly lit corner, during a performance, lecture, or hot and sweaty DJ set by some of Berlin’s dykiest artists and community-- a politicized promise of possibilities.

we'll have a fire going in the garden for you, it'll be ultimate magic

Please join us for the Cumming Dykesurrection

Sliding scale 5-10 euros, sauna going at extra cost/donation




for any questions, comments/concerns, interests in collaboration, event proposals, -or- if you want to subscribe to our mailing list, please contact us at selbstuniversitaet[at]gmail[dot]com