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MeineAkademie formed itself as a political and artistic collective on the occasion of the opening of the Volkswagen university library of the Technical University and the University of the Arts in Berlin in December 2004. As a reaction, we gathered information on the "sponsorship"-deal between Volkswagen and the universities and intervened as friendly scouts in Volkswagen-look. Since then MeineAkademie researched on the political and economical background that lead to the public-private partnership between the universities and Volkswagen. Departing from Volkswagens engagement in higher education we conducted the neoliberal reforms in higher education and tried to get a grip on the changing relationship between state and economy.
Learn about MeineAkademies efforts to investigate and analyse neoliberal models for higher education wherein Volkswagen, and especially the Volkswagen AutoUni, was a model case for us.
On this site you can find documentation of our factivisms, browse through our seminar program, watch a film or download one of our info-graphics.

It is our Academy and not Volkswagens!