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October 3rd
17 - 20 h

Tag der Clubkultur: Shirley has an affair

Ein Club ist Gemeinschaft ist Vielfalt ist Nähe ist ein Experiment. Ein Club ist Veränderung ist Freiheit ist Widerstand und Kultur. Ein Club ist immer neu und für alle da. Ein Club ist ein Club.

🔥 This event is part of Tag der Clubkultur 2021 🔥

steve is out of town, and shirley is making good use of her alone time. she's spinning her disks with the intergalactic secret agent who just came from planet doomblob 3000 with an air of naughty seafood and stories to tell. is it an open relationship or is shirley gay for pay? we don't know. come and read between the lines, maybe you find the answer in a song... they will be joined by matakola – what might they have in store? come celebrate a chill and low key season closing afternoon with fire and secretive tunes in yours truly raumerweiterungshalle.

please come with proof of one of the 3Gs and a mask for the indoors xxx





September 30th
15 - 17 h

Mutual appreciation
with Feminist Health Care Research Group

3 pm
website presentation + tea + cake
with glorious tina kaden
we are happy to pre-launch our new website (coming soon: www.radicalhealthcare.org), designed by Judith Fehlau, that summarises our research on the Health Movement. 

3:30 – 5 pm
some prompts on mutual appreciation
(limited number of participants)
We would like to take time to exchange in small groups on our role as art workers in the middle of the hype around care in the art field. How comes care and accessibility are buzz words in the art field but our working conditions have not improved? We still don’t find time to rest. We still lack moments to be fully there for each other.
We will reflect together what we lack and how we can share appreciation for each other’s efforts and commitment. 

For the workshop-like part (15:30 – 17:00) we would like to ask you to register as we will need to limit the number of participants to 20. Please email us at feministische.recherchegruppe@gmail.com

If the weather is good we will be outside in Halle’s garden. 
If the weather is wet and cold and we will be meeting inside, we will need to limit the number of guests inside to 20 persons. Please take/bring a test (same day) or a proof of vaccination (3G). Maybe take warm clothes and a hot water bottle. The Halle wont be heated. 

Access Info
The event takes place in English.
No DGS interpretation is available.
Children are welcome. No childcare available. 
Please consider coming low or no scent.

more info and images of facilities and ramp


Thanks to
Tina Kaden,
Judith Fehlau,
we make it/Gloria Glitzer
and BBK Neustart Kultur grant. 





Aug 27 + Sep 3

from 12:30
til 17:30

from the 👛👜 CARRIER BAGS OF FRICTION 👜👛 series:

Comic Drawing Workshop with Shum

Calling all comic nerds and scribblers! Do u want to spice up your zines, learn some new tricks or make your first comic ever? We are offering a 2 day comic drawing workshop facilitated by the awesome Shum on 2 consecutive Fridays. As usual, free of charge.

⁎ Sign up via email to: thecarrierbags@protonmail.com
⁎ The workshop takes place in the Halle garden, Markgrafendamm 24c (how to get there)
⁎ Please bring a proof of vaccination or a negative test result.

All styles and levels welcome!

August 29

from 4.20pm
til 20:00h

the Mortville Public Library presents:

The Uncle Ray Collection

On this day we are blessed to share with you a beautiful selection of gay porn magazines from the 70s and onwards. The magazines were collected by Uncle Ray throughout his abundant and multifaceted life, and lent to MPL by his niece and friend, Dóri Ferenczy.

Uncle Ray, also known as Raymond Wolff, was born in New York to Jewish parents who had fled nazi Germany. He left the US to avoid being drafted to the Vietnam war in 1971, moved to Berlin and became an active organiser in the anti-war movement. He founded the Museumsverein Synagoge Staudernheim, whose mission it was to restore the synagogue in the small town Ray's family was from. Uncle Ray spent his life researching Jewish history, particularly the local history in Berlin and Neukölln, where he lived until his sudden passing this spring. He gave guided tours through the neighborhood and always had stories to tell. His sense of humor was unparalleled, and beside owning a golden award statue of his own penis, he was an unapologetic lover of men, and a hoarder, so thank you Ray for never throwing anything away, and allowing us to browse in these rarities decades later!

Come join us in the Halle garden to honor the fruity part of this very special man's legacy. As usual there will be tea and cake, and for this special occasion some sparkling wine and sleazy tunes by Intergalactic Secret Agent. The regular library is also open.

September 1

Doors 19h
Start 20h

from the 👛👜 CARRIER BAGS OF FRICTION 👜👛 series:

The Ashes Remains Warm
Film Screening with Mónica Martins Nunes

Every morning when I go out of the door, he is the first one I see.
He is the first to tell me good morning.
He is a father. Although he is destroying us, he does not kill us.

The villages of "Chã das Caldeiras" lie inside the caldera of the volcano "Pico do Fogo" in Cape Verde.
After losing everything they own on the last eruption, its inhabitants are forced to rethink their lives.

A dedication, a subjective visual tale on loss, a symbiotic relationship and the possibility of the eternal return.


The Ashes Remain Warm - Trailer from Mónica Martins Nunes.

Mónica Martins Nunes (1990, Lisbon) is a portuguese visual artist currently living in Berlin. Having started her artistic work in ceramics and after studying Sculpture in Faculdade de Belas-Artes - Lisbon University, she graduated in Fine Arts from the Universität der Künste Berlin.
In 2016 she became a Meisterschüler in the same institution and was subsequently awarded the Elsa-Neumann-Stipendium (NaFöG) from the city of Berlin. Her first film THE ASHES REMAIN WARM (Na cinza fica calor) won the "Golden Dove" in the International Competition Short Documentary at DOK Leipzig 2017 Her new film SORTES was filmed in her mother´s hometown "Serra de Serpa" and has just premiered in the International Medium Length & Short Film Competition of Visions du Reél 2021.

August - December 2021

Dear collectors of everyday things, dear hoarders, dear doubters, dear losers, dear those who talk before they think, dear quiet ones and chatty ones, and all inbetweens, dear single sock scholars, typewriters, dictators (not the autocratic kind), dear browsers, rousers and chin scratchers.

We’re happy to invite you back to our beloved Halle garden for some workshops and presentations, in which we plan to explore the telling of stories:


An important inspiration is Ursula K. Le Guin’s “Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction”, in which she does away with the conflict-based hero story. Instead she proposes:
Lest there be no more telling of stories at all, some of us out here in the wild oats, amid the alien corn, think we’d better start telling another one, which maybe people can go on with when the old one’s finished. Maybe. The trouble is, we’ve all let ourselves become part of the killer story, and so we may get finished along with it. Hence it is with a certain feeling of urgency that I seek the nature, subject, words of the other story, the untold one, the life story.

She suggests to think of storytelling as a bag, a container, that can hold things you collect over time, so you can take them home, or elsewhere, and share them, and that thinking of it this way will change the story. After all, it’s clear that the Hero does not look well in this bag. He needs a stage or a pedestal or a pinnacle. You put him in a bag and he looks like a rabbit, like a potato.

It’s been a tough year and a half, and more than ever a somewhat existential uncertainty and dread have taken hold. As an alternative to the monolithic hero story type conflict, we propose the physical phenomenon of friction as a method for processing all this. Friction is an essential part of resistance and opposition. It’s also a very everyday thing, stuff rubbing up against other stuff inside the bag, it occurs with all touch, all contact, and aren’t these things we need in tough times? Can we find moments of connection, support, even solidarity here? In physics, friction is “the force resisting the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers, and material elements sliding against each other” (wikipedia). There are several types of friction, the main ones being: dry friction, fluid friction, lubricated friction, skin friction, and internal friction. Well, if this list doesn’t add complexity to the imagination, what will?

Let’s fill our bags with instances of friction, let’s fill the Halle garden with (a limited number of) people, pens and paper. We’re looking forward to sharing time, thoughts, and ideas together.


✏️ August 9 & 11

Writers workshop with Alex Alvina Chamberland
info below

✏️ August 27 & September 3

Comic drawing workshop with Shum
info above

📽 September 1

Film screening - The Ashes Remain Warm, with Mónica Martins Nunes
info above

More has been happening behind the scenes. We will soon introduce The Publishing Shack. Stay tuned!


Gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien


August 9 and
August 11 '21

12.30 – 17.30h

We’re very excited to announce the first workshop of the

Writers Workshop with Alex Alvina Chamberland

Join author Alex Alvina Chamberland for a writers workshop that explores various themes such as reading as a writer, writing with ones entire body, connecting fully to nature and landscapes and cities and rooms and the spaces within, routines, and broken routines, form, and broken forms, fragmentary narratives, and non-narratives, discipline and freedom, and discipline in order to run free, insecurities, and hubris, writing politically, and writing with such disregard to politics that the work becomes audaciously political and/or perhaps even beyond political. This workshop will include close readings of multiple texts that have been especially inspirational to Alex Alvina's writing, while participants are welcome to bring texts that have inspired them, as well as discussions on literature and writing processes, and content, and form, and style, and voice, and originality, and hype. The workshop will also include a specific writing assignment, that we will discuss within the group. Welcome <3

* Sign up via email to: thecarrierbags@protonmail.com
* Trans women are given priority for this workshop, let us know if this applies to you.
* Limited spots, we work on a first come first serve basis.
* The workshop is free of charge. if you can't make it after all, please cancel in time, so we can give your spot to someone else.

* The workshop takes place in the Halle garden, Markgrafendamm 24c (how to get there)
* Please bring a proof of vaccination or a negative test result.

Alex Alvina Chamberland is a Swedish-US American writer and performance artist based in Berlin. She has an MA in gender studies from Södertörns Högskola, with a thesis on trans feminine sisterhood and intersectionality in New York City.

In 2015 Bokförlaget ETC published her co-authored book Allt som är Mitt: Våldtäkt, Stigmatisering och Upprättelse (English translation: All that is mine: Rape, Stigmatization and Reparation), which was the beneficiary of a grant from the Swedish Arts Council. In September 2018 her novel Utelåst – Uppväxtnostalgi för freaks (Locked Out – A nostalgic account of growing up for freaks) a parody of the coming of age-genre, was published by Dockhaveri Förlag.

She has been widely published in journals and newspapers in both Swedish and English. She is currently writing her first English language novel, Love the World or Get Killed Trying, from which she has read excerpts at venues such as KW and Schwules Museum in Berlin, The Swedish National Youth Theatre in Stockholm, The New School in New York City, The Danish Institute for Studies Abroad in Copenhagen, The Oberhausen State Theater in Oberhausen, La Mutinerie in Paris, Wienwoche in Vienna, and The Athens & Epidaurus Festival in Athens.


August 19 - 22
1 pm - 8 pm

the event is free of charge

more info an registrations: pfauenkreativurlaub@protonmail.com

accessibility infos: Raumerweiterungshalle has a ramp and an accessible compost toilet. There is wide and stable seating without armrests available.  You will be hearing loud electronic music from the club next door. We will provide earplugs at the bar. Please bring a proof of vaccination or anegative test result.

Pfauenkreativurlaub - what does it mean?

Pfauenkreativurlaub is the name of a long weekend of queer crafting and  conspiering at Raumerweiterungshalle. The Name Pfrauenkreativurlaub (literaly: Peacock creative vaccation) is a deriviation of the word Frauenkreativurlaub (literaly: women creative vaccation) which one of us stumbled across during research at an archive that collects documents of the women and lesbian movement in the GDR. The Frauenkreativurlaub used to be a bunch of lesbian women who went to the countyside to be creative, conspire and build community. It has been more than 30 years since the “creative women” excursion.

Political Systems have crumbled, new media emerged, social movements have fought for social change and are still doing so.

Weaving on to this, we ask the question: How can we pick up the threads of the past? Under what conditions can we come together today, exchange ideas, feel more secure and learn from one another? What knowledge do we want to keep? To playfully open the word, Pfauen is deduced of Frauen  and invites all kind of queer identities to take part at this event.

Pfauenkreativurlaub - What is this about?

Four artists and one writer will bring  a set of their crafty techniques to Raumerweiterungshalle and create the room for five different sessions of silk painting, sewing and embroidery, screenprinting, paper and textile marbling and Bookbinding. The Sessions will be taking place from Thursday till Sunday. You can join for just a couple of hours, a day or for the whole weekend. Please note that you have to register previous to the event via email. We have a capacity of 15 Guests a day. We don’t want to facilitate a one way learning experience but more of a fluid space where you can float in and out of techniques, share and combine them. We want to open a space in which “doing” is decoupled from “producing”. We want to turn away from results-oriented work. We want to pause and take a breather while realizing that it is easier to talk to each other when our hands are busy. The things that are created during the “Peacock Creative Vacation” tell of our time together, our exchange, our similarities and differences. There will also be a cooking station where we can prepare lunch, snacks and dinner. Raumerweiterungshalle has a bar where you can get lemonade and alcoholic drinks for  a donation. Coffee, Tea and water are free. The Event will be sober till 7pm


Pfauenkreativurlaub - The Sessions

Melo Börner Session Applike
textile collages (languages: german,english)

Seb Ymai Pink Lab 
screenprinting (languages: english, spanish)

Cornelia Herfurtner 
silk painting  (languages: german, english)

Laura Basten hand stuff, voices & words. 
Book binding, collaborative writing/ reading session(s), Pfauen Zine (languages: german, english)

Lee Stevens  wishy-washy
paper and textile marbling (language: german, english)

read more about the sessions here

+++ auf deutsch +++

die Veranstaltung ist umsonst

mehr Infos und Anmeldung: pfauenkreativurlaub@protonmail.com

Infos zur Barrierearmut: Die Raumerweiterungshalle verfügt über eine Rampe und eine barrierefreie Komposttoilette. Es stehen breite und stabile Sitzgelegenheiten ohne Armlehnen zur Verfügung. Ihr werdet laute elektronische Musik aus dem Club nebenan hören. An der Bar stellen wir Ohrstöpsel zur Verfügung. Bitte bringt einen Impfausweis oder ein negatives Testergebnis mit.

Pfauenkreativurlaub – was bedeutet das?

Pfauenkreativurlaub ist ein langes, queeres Wochenende das zum gemeinsamen basteln und zu konspirieren in der Raumerweiterungshalle einlädt. Der Name Pfrauenkreativurlaub ist eine Ableitung des Wortes Frauenkreativurlaub, auf das wir bei einer Recherchen in einem Archiv gestoßen sind, das Dokumente der Frauen- und Lesbenbewegung in der DDR sammelt. Unter dem namen Frauenkreativurlaub reiste eine Gruppe lesbischer Frauen aufs Land, um kreativ zu sein, sich zu verbünden und Gemeinschaft zu leben. Seit dem Ausflug der “kreativen Frauen” sind mehr als 30 Jahre vergangen.

Politische Systeme sind zerfallen, neue Medien entstanden, Soziale Bewegungen haben gesellschaftliche Veränderungen erkämpft, und tun dies noch.

Daran anknüpfend stellen wir mit dem “Pfauenkreativurlaub” die Frage: Wie können wir die Fäden der Vergangenheit aufnehmen und an sie anknüpfen? Unter welchen Be- dingungen können wir heute zusammenkommen, uns austauschen, sicherer fühlen und voneinander lernen? Welches Wissen wollen wir bewahren? Um das Wort spielerisch zu öffnen, leitet sich Pfauen von Frauen ab und lädt allen möglichen queeren Identitäten ein an der Veranstaltung teilzunehmen.


Pfauenkreativurlaub – worum gehts’?

Vier Künstler:innen und eine Schriftstellerin bringen eine Reihe ihrer Techniken in die Raumerweiterungshalle und gestalten einen Raum in dem fünf verschiedene Sessions stattfinden werden.

Seidenmalerei, Nähen und Sticken, Siebdruck, Papier- und Textil Marmorierung und Buchbinderei. Die Sessions finden von Donnerstag bis Sonntag statt. Ihr könnt nur für ein paar Stunden, einen Tag oder das ganze Wochenende teilnehmen. Bitte beachtet dass ihr euch vor der Veranstaltung per E-Mail anmelden müsst. Wir haben eine Kapazität von 15 Gästen pro Tag.

Wir möchten keine einseitige Lernerfahrung reproduzieren, sondern eher einen fließenden Raum schaffen, in dem wir in die unterschiedlichen Techniken hinein und und hinaus fließen können, der uns zum teilen und kombinieren anregt. Wir wollen einen Raum öffnen, in dem „Tun“ vom „Produzieren“ voneinander entkoppelt wird. Wir wollen uns von ergebnisorientiertem Arbeiten abwenden. Wir möchten innehalten und eine Verschnaufpause einlegen und erkennen, dass es einfacher ist, miteinander zu sprechen, wenn unsere Hände beschäftigt sind.Die Dinge, die während des Pfauenkreativurlaub entstehen, erzählen von unserer miteinander verbrachten Zeit, unserem Austausch, unseren Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschieden.

Es wird auch eine Kochstation geben, an der wir Mittagessen, Snacks und Abendessen zubereiten können. Die Raumerweiterungshalle verfügt über eine Bar, an der ihr Limonade und alkoholische Getränke kaufen könnt. Tee, Kaffee und Wasser sind kostenlos. Wir bitten euch täglich bis 19 Uhr auf Alkohol und andere Rauschmittel zu verzichten.

Pfauenkreativurlaub - die Sessions

Melo Börner Session Applike
Textilcollagen (Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch)

Seb Ymai Pink Lab 
Siebdruck (Sprache: Spanisch, Englisch)

Cornelia Herfurtner 
Seidenmalerei (Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch)

Laura Basten Handzeug, Stimmen & Worte.
Buchbinden, gemeinsame Schreib-/Lese Session(s), Pfauen Zine (Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch)

Lee Stevens Wischi-Waschi
Papier- und Textil Marmorierung (Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch)

mehr Infos über die Sessions hier





irregular Sundays

13:12 – 4.20pm

dates tba

Mortville Public Library

Friends and foes, lovers and lobsters,

after a rollercoaster of a season behind closed doors, the Halle comes out of its Covid-and-Deutsche-Bahn imposed lockdown shortly before the cold season with a truly filthy new space for you.

We are excited to announce the opening of the Mortville Public Library, the filthiest library alive.

A million open tabs wanting to be read, an avalanche of messages and notifications make it difficult to focus or process everything, and this overwhelming status quo of the information age is intensified by too much time spent in isolation because of depression, pandemic, social anxiety, and other difficult stuff. Would it help to committ to a book at a time? What if there is no money to buy one, or it’s too difficult to choose?

The Halle crew has decided to pool some favorite books from our personal collections and make them available to you. We will be around for a chat, have some tea and cake to share (bring your own mug if you can), you can browse, hang out in the garden, discuss what you’ve read or ideas it has set alight. The book selection aims to be small enough and fine enough to aid in our ongoing goal of educating ourselves and connecting struggles, towards a revolutionary future. Most books will be in English, but we also have some German and Portuguese ones, as well as a Zine Präsenzbibliothek.

In a bi-weekly rhythm the Mortville Public Library will open her doors and welcome you to borrow one book at a time. Keep in mind, this library is built on trust, these are our personal books, not a rich institution’s purchases. Please bring them back the next time we are open (usually this will be every other Sunday afternoon), and don’t become Asshole of the Week.

If you thought in the past it was difficult to find the Halle, fasten your seatbelt now. One of Mortville’s librarians will inconspicuously await you at the garden gate of about_blank (to the right of their usual entrance door, at the end of the fence), and send you on the back way to where you want to go.

Mortville is a fictional shantytown for all kinds of social outcasts, where you typically find refuge when you killed your husband, want a sex change, like to go naked, indulge in anarchy, eat turds, and other disgusting things. After a long period under the cruel rule of sadistic Queen Carlotta, the inhabitants of Mortville got together, defied her leather police, roasted her on a spit and ate her. The library is situated in a liberated Mortville where noone will force you to walk backwards all day, or try to infect you with rabies.

Mortville Public Library can be visited outdoors. We will keep your contact details according to Covid regulations, and ensure that there is enough space for everyone to keep the needed physical distance. Bring your favorite mask :)

the opening of the library on September 10 2020 was part of the Liebig34 action week, to defend the house project and others, that are threatened by eviction. more program here: https://defendliebig34.noblogs.org/

13:12 – 4.20 pm

Unfortunately we can not use our barrierfree front entrance because of Deutsche bahn building works and have to use the back entrance which has two improvised steps.



COVID-19 & Renovations

The forced downtime due to COVID-19 has allowed us to reflect, renovate, repair, care for, & grow🌱🌿🌴 (ourselves and the garden!) through these turbulent times and attend to the things that have taken a back seat during the busy years.

In addition to this, we've been surrounded by unexpected major renovations going on outside Halle and blocking our usual access, complicating a complicated situation further. When one of your neighbors is a big business that owns whole actual streets and gives zero fucks... Shout out to Deutsche Bahn for making this possible 😅😤

It is also a time of introspection for us in different ways - one of them being how to make the best use of the space. Due to the ongoing event restrictions, Halle is unfortunately unable to host any external event for the time being.

However, we’ve decided to re-center the original concept of our other name: Selbstuniversität e.V. (Self-University e.V.). Our general plan is to prioritise smaller autonomous learning-based formats within the Halle community, into the future. 🤓

Halle appreciates all your ongoing support and wishes our vibrant community all the best! Big love to u and your loved ones from your favourite local sardine tin 🐟😋❤️




for any questions, comments/concerns, interests in collaboration, event proposals, -or- if you want to subscribe to our mailing list, please contact us at selbstuniversitaet[at]gmail[dot]com