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Open Call
Friday 31.05.

September 2024

The ancient concept of shapeshifting is deeply ingrained in folklore and literature across the globe. In our understanding, shapeshifting transcends its traditional depiction, evolving into a fluid concept beyond mere physical transformation. This fluidity is not only a survival mechanism and camouflage but also intertwines with the complexities of class, race, and gender, showcasing its adaptability and multifaceted nature.

For one week, the programme of Shapeshifting Film Festival intends to create a dialogue between video & film screenings and round-format discussions around the complex phenomena of “Shapeshifting”.

Each screening will pick up on a particular form or perspective onto Shapeshifting, may the phenomena be found in relation to environment, people or oneself. How does socio-cultural space incite transformation, when different communities come to live together (the negotiation between assimilation and cultural pluralism), when the digital realm provides tools for plural avatars or when there’s the need to come-out? How do interpersonal relationships entail (social) masks, (gender) performances and (identity) representations? And how does oneself shapeshift as a way for expression through alter-egos or as a growing process when leaving behind the innocence of childhood.

Oftentimes the world of cinema feels far: the distance to places, to characters, to other perceptions; the difference of scale between the screen and our body; or the simplification of block-buster narratives and their unrealistic conclusions. In counterpart, we look to showcase the works of young, emerging and marginalised filmmakers in an environment that seeks to contextualise their perspectives through group participation of the audience. Taking advantage of the spatial character of the Halle, we intend to activate people’s reflection through proximity, proposing a film experience on the concept of Shapeshifting with an emphasis on empathy and sharing.


The Raumerweiterungshalle (spatial-extension-container) of the non-profit association Selbstuniversität e.V., is a self-organised space for non-commercial projects and events, such as film evenings, performances, readings, concerts, seminars, discussions, exhibitions, and workshops, with a queer*feminist focus.


-Short-films up to 30 minutes
-No submission fee
-Selected films will receive a screening fee
-Submissions must be made via email at shapeshiftinghalle@protonmail.com including a screener link and film details (synopsis, year and country of production, short bio of the filmmaker, optional: film contextualization)
-Deadline of the open call is 31st of May 2024
-Selection will be announced by end of July
-Please have in mind that due to our small team, we won’t be able to send a confirmation email when receiving applications.

This project is funded by the Cultural Administration of the State of Berlin.




for any questions, comments/concerns, interests in collaboration, event proposals, -or- if you want to subscribe to our mailing list, please contact us at selbstuniversitaet[at]protonmail[dot]com