your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

21.09. Junk River
14.09. Games Diva
07.09. Mélissa Laveaux
31.08. Fat Diva Heaven
24.08. Bike Diva: Ovarian Psycos (Screening)
17.08. HOT SWEATY Divas / Dyke4president DOUBLE FEATURE
10.08. Danger Diva
03.08. Donna Summer
27.07. Chantal Akerman trifft auf Tine Rahel Völcker
13.07. SCUM Diva
06.07. Queer Healing
29.06. Doom Diva
22.06. Soosan
15.06. Spice Girls
08.06. Lesbian Vampires
01.06. Chavela Vargas
25.05. Nicola Adams

Friday the 13th
of October 2017
in Libra season
grand season closing party

In a dark back lit alley, on a small, unnamed street behind Ostkreuz, we invite you to commonly invoke the resurrection of the dyke bar. Let’s celebrate dyke culture in its most expanded sense chanelling past and present complex and fluid experiences of feminine-spectrum queerness.


✧ Angry dyke political esthetician Coco ✧
reading from her latest report on the death of the dyke bar

Why are dyke bars dying? How did we get here and what can we do? What does it mean to not have permanent spaces in which to gather but temporary ones that are dependent upon the jurisdiction of others? How can we look back and learn from the queer herstory of dyke bars that are problematically rooted in second wave feminism’s essentialist claims on dykedom while holistically looking forward to create queer spaces for dykes that envelope a broadened understanding of the term? Join this talk for musings on a contemporary dykesurrection that hopes to incite ideas for a critical resuscitation of the dyke bar.

✧ Les Bos Bar Installation ✧
✧ Dyke Drink Special by Emotional Labor Queen
your light in the dark when it comes to hella matters of the heart. for healing of the heart plz email them, your zodiac included, at emotional.labor.queen@gmail.com
✧ Screening of Macon Reed's Eulogy for the Dyke Bar Film ✧
✧ visuals by Rosie Eveleigh

✧ Trev Flash & Zinzi Buchanan ✧
GET OUT: a performance in our danger series, with personal stories, group (inter)action and music on the topics of safe space, toxic masculinity and knowing if, when and how to let out the wild dog.
+ intermittent softness

TETRA will perform the new EP 'MERCY KILLING', formed from feelings around riots, resistance, growth, lust, current moments

kos_mic q'andi dyke dance hits DJ Set ✧

✧ Indigo Raẏne - Afrodisiac Beats ✧
Indigo Raẏne is a Berlin-based DJ whose style is strongly influenced by the sounds that surrounded them while growing up in a Caribbean family. It’s a special blend of African and Caribbean beats bringing all the good vibes to make you shake you sass!

✧ Berliner Rundfunk 91.4 dj-team ✧
disco and greatest hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s
Der Hit-Herbst bei Berliner Rundfunk 91.4! Ihre achtziger, Ihre Neunziger, einfach Ihre Musik! Garantiert Wiederholungsfrei!

While we may not find answers to any of the above questions, we might find -- through too strong a drink, in a dimly lit corner, during a performance, lecture, or hot and sweaty DJ set by some of Berlin’s dykiest artists and community-- a politicized promise of possibilities.

we'll have a fire going in the garden for you, it'll be ultimate magic

Please join us for the Cumming Dykesurrection


October 8 2017

live music & fashion show with M45

For this show Renu and M45 Clothing Company are melting together into an odyssey of electronics and taste in a universe of weird queer nerdy femmes.

M45 Clothing Company is a New York based fashion house dedicated to creating eco-friendly non-exploitative clothing for people of all body types. Nothing is gendered. There is no beauty standard. Empowerment is for everyone.

Line up:
Live music by RENU from album THEY DANCE IN THE DARK
Fashion by M45
Performance by Sugar Mamasota
After Show Djing

A part of entrance and drinks will go as donations to Women in Exile & Friends

Sept. 26 2017


Dubais is the Lo-Fi Arab-futurist band from visual artist Nadia Buyse. Nadia has been in over 37 bands, collaborating with many artists and musicians in various capacities… but name dropping is totally boring A.F.
From absurd synth covers to bedroom pop songs about dating the devil and murdering him , Nadia’s music jumps from genre to genre, being thread together by a strong DIY Aesthetic and video art that spans over installation, performance, visual albums, experimental pop operas, etc.

Although DUBAIS operates like a band, it’s actually a vehicle for conceptual work and cultural activism in which Nadia uses the tropes of pop music to examine Diasporic migration, Neo-liberal dystopia, emotional incapacitations, consumer technologies, hybrid identities, intersectional feminism, and transnational communities. DUBAIS has released music, published text, taught a multitude of workshops, lectured, exhibited work, and performed internationally in a variety of space and places.






Saba Lou was born in the year 2000 in Kassel, Germany. She moved to Berlin with her family in 2005. She began her recording career at the age of 6, putting out a 4 song 7-inch on Atlanta’s Slaughthaus/Rob’s House Records. At the age of 8 she recorded “Good Habits (and Bad)” which was then used for the end credits on Cartoon Network’s “Clarence” t.v. show. The song was also released in 2012 on the “Until The End” 7-inch on Seth Bogart’s (aka Hunx) label Wacky Wacko records. Saba Lou recorded her debut album “Planet Enigma” this year at the age of fifteen. Ryan Sambol, of the Strange Boys, makes a guest appearance on “Our Fate”. Erin Wood from the Spits also sings back ups and provides some space synth on “Planet Enigma”. The album was recorded at Moon Studios, Berlin in late 2015- early 2016. Saba Lou is currently finishing up high school in Berlin. Her hobbies are drawing, collecting records, reading and writing songs.


Entrance is donation based, on a sliding scale of 5-10 euros for this special performance. The concert begins at 20H / 8PM.

Sept. 23 2017

Rainhas Do Norte live + Aftershowparty

Die Rainhas do Norte sind aus der Faszination für die Musik aus dem Nordosten Brasiliens – insbesondere die Trommelmusik der Karnevalsgruppen aus Recife – heraus geboren.
2003 gegründet, feiert die Band jetzt 15 wunderschöne Jahren mit unzähligen live Konzerte deutschland- und europaweit, eine CD mit eigenen Kompositionen und viele Geschichten zu erzählen. Sie sind laut, poetisch, feministisch, anti-rassistisch, anti-LGBTQ phobisch und nach wie vor verliebt in den Rhythmen und Klängen des brasilianischen Nordostens.

Kommt zahlreich am 23.09 zum Konzert und unterstützt die Rainhas ihre zweite CD in Eigenregie zu produzieren!

As Rainhas do Norte nasceram da fascinação pela música do nordeste brasileiro, em especial pelos maracatus de Recife. Fundada em 2003, a banda comemora agora 15 anos maravilhosos com inúmeros shows na Alemanha e outros países da Europa, um cd com composições próprias e muitas histórias pra contar. Elas tocam alto, são poéticas, feministas, anti-racistas, anti- LGBTQ-fóbicos e continuam apaixonadas pelos ritmos e sons do nordeste brasileiro.

Venham todos no dia 23.09 para o show das Rainhas e colaborem assim com a produção do segundo CD da banda!

Aftershowparty: mit Djs: Grace Kelly und Marie L.

Rainhas do Norte:
Cecilia Kleine, Christine Nußbaum, Emilia Mello, Farida Mahub, Franci Oliveira, Grace Kelly, Karin Zey, Marie Leão, Marina Pandeló, Sara Fremberg e convidada especial/special guest: Marta Freire


Sept. 21 2017
Diva Heaven 7/11! Come warm up with our Divas of the Week: JUNK RIVER! Winter's coming and we're warming our souls with great folk music by Junk River, let yourselves be touched and empowered by their poetry of daily life and cheering melodies. So come down to our river and join us on Thursday! Donations very welcome for our Divas* ---the concert starts at 8pm---

https://open.spotify.com/ album/ 4aSyh6Ln3P9cX6cEDceVHf
http://www.facebook.com/ junkrivermalmo
http:// junkriver.bandcamp.com/


Sept. 14 2017

When a Diva met another Diva… GAMES* Happen

Mariconcha, our local latinx drag queen diva is taking over Raumeweiterungshalle this Thursday, in a special and unique event with their new friend in town - who you don’t wanna miss the chance to meet.

Jimay Falcon is a male celebrity direct from the stars! Bringing you high quality koala bear entertainment!!! Famous for being a lover and dreamer and master of ALL ceremonies with partner in magick Sh'Gazey. See him live, straight outta the portal at DIVA GAMES in his special first time Berlin appearance!

Come experience Live hypnotism!
Live karaoke!
Live flirty Games (with consent)
Live spaghetti eating competition!

Open Stage moment
Wanna perform? Yass, Come and register between 19.00 - 20.00.

Show starts at 21.00

Sept. 8 2017
12:00 - 02:00

Queeroskop - Kaleidoskop queer-feministischer Perspektiven
Workshops und Spaßprogramm von und mit propell*@s

Inmitten einer dystopischen Realität planen wir die Utopie. Wie können wir uns selbst ermächtigen und handlungsfähiger werden? Wie können wir queere Perspektiven in politische Kämpfe einbringen? Wie kann der Abbau von Diskriminierungen, kann Barrierefreiheit Realität werden, auch in linker (Bildungs-)arbeit?

Ein Tag im September bietet den Auftakt
für eine kollektive Auseinandersetzung mit dem Ist-Zustand und der Welt, die wir wollen. Im Licht des Spätsommers möchten
wir ein Kaleidoskop an Themen mit euch diskutieren, die uns auf den (lackierten) Nägeln brennen.

Es wird Workshops mit partizipativem Charakter und unterschiedlichen Formaten geben, zum Beispiel zu Gewaltprävention, Kommunikation, Sexism*en und Sorgearbeit. Wir wollen nachdenken, kreativ schreiben und später tanzen.

Mit Küche für alle und einem Abendprogramm sorgen wir für Körper und Herz. Neben, zwischen und nach den Workshops wird gequatscht, vernetzt, gelesen, gesiebdruckt – und am besten werden gleich konkrete Pläne geschmiedet.

Queeroskop - Kurzprogramm
ausführlich auf facebook

12:00 - 15:00 Worum geht‘s? (Fragend schreiten wir voran!)
ein WS von Konne
Jenseits von Schlagworten werden wir uns über das austauschen, was unsere politische Arbeit antreibt.

12:00 - 15:00 Sexismusreflektierte Veranstaltungsplanung
ein WS von FEMermaid
Praxisorientierten Einführungsworkshop zu Sexismus und der konkreten Planung von Veranstaltungen und deren Durchführung, um sexualisierter Übergriffen vorzubeugen. 

15:30 - 18:30 Schreib-Werkstatt: Schreiben in Gruppen
ein WS von Claire
Veranstaltungsankündigungen, Statements, ganze Zeitschriften oder kleine Flyer: als Gruppe einen Text zu verfassen,
kann ziemlich nervenaufreibend sein. Bringt eure Ideen, Schreibwünsche und -anlässe mit!

15:30 -18:30 Caring for Resistance
ein WS von Franzi & Rina
Unter dem Stichwort Care wird diskutiert, wie sorgende Tätigkeiten in unserer krisengeschüttelten Gesellschaft organisiert werden können. Wir möchten uns über gemeinschaftliche Sorgeformen und die daran anschließenden politischen Perspektiven austauschen.

19:00 - 21:00 Feminismen: Und was hat das mit uns zu tun? Ein Kreativ-Workshop
ein WS von Judith & Sonny
Zusammen loten wir aus, was Feminismus sein kann, sein sollte, und was er für uns bedeutet


DJ: Nai
Nai’s music style is heavily inuenced by the drum of a heartbeat. She collects and plays only vinyl, and has a monthly show on Berlin community radio.
https://m.mixcloud.com/ BCR_Radio/nai/

Mobile Antirassistische Bibliothek
https://audream.org/ about-audream/

Feuerchen (queers on fire ;)
Siebdrucken (bringt gern Klamotten mit!)

Die Veranstaltung findet in deutscher Sprache statt. / Ad hoc translations into English can be organized. Eine Kinderbetreuung vor Ort können wir auf Anfrage organisieren. Der Veranstaltungsort
ist barrierearm zugänglich. Die Veranstaltung ist gratis. Ein paar Snacks werden da sein. etränke können erworben werden.

Zur besseren Planung freuen wir uns über Anmeldungen zu den konkreten Workshops: queeroscop2017@riseup.net

Sept. 7 2017

August 24 2017


Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

This time with a Fat Diva Special.

Grease your thighs, oil your voice and shake your bacon. All kind of fat Divas are waiting for you.

Sing along, enjoy some cold drinks and snacks, connect and and burn some before and after pics.

Mama Cass didn't die choking on a ham sandwich. She died of dieting!

Love and Kisses!


August 24 2017

Bike Diva: Ovarian Psycos

your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

Let’s celebrate gangs and bikes – Let’s reclaim the streets.

We are screening the film Ovarian Psycos by Joanna Sokolowski and Kate Trumbull-LaValle and The Ovarian Psycos Cycle Brigade about a new generation of women of color in East Los Angeles who are redefining identity and building community through a raucous, irreverently named bicycle crew: The Ovarian Psycos Cycle Brigade.

Maybe we are lucky enough for good weather open air cinema!

Who comes by bike gets a free drink!



August 17 2017


your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

We want to build a sauna. For real. Come sign up for planning and building days. Get hot’n’sweaty from summer now, and join forces with us so we can get hot’n’sweaty in winter, too! so the halle season will never again end!

Meanwhile have you noticed the ugly ass election posters plastering the city? We don’t like them and have put together a poster to articulate some alternative demands. Based on Zoe Leonard’s 1992 „i want a dyke for president“ comes a 2017 Berlin version.

Come pick up a stack of posters at the Halle tonight, bring your bikes and friends and let’s do a big poster action all over the city. We’ll provide some buckets, glue and brushes, but also please do bring equipment if you have any!

The full poster is available in print resolution (A2) for download **here**. We encourage you to print it, put it up, send it to a friend. Please be aware that glueing own posters on top of election posters is considered a criminal offence (Straftat/Sachbeschädigung) by German law. We encourage you to consider what risks you can take, and if you go out in teams, make sure to check in with each other about that beforehand. Don't despair tho! There are plenty of "legal" ways to put up posters!


August 10 2017


Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

A tribute to girl gangs. Zinzi Buchanan & Mel Flash will present & talk about girl gangs, past & present. They will talk about how the gangs have inspired them, as well as reflecting upon their our own "girl gang" experiences.

this will be followed by a DANGER related performance/activity with Zinzi Buchanan & Mel Flash. here is a description of their work on the topic:

the topic of danger is something that has come up for us. we sometimes feel in danger. we sometimes seem dangerous. we are two members of "cute club" - a club for those who seem tough, but are actually cute as hell inside. one musician, one dancer (tho we switch), we use music and dance to energise the journey through the topic of danger considering fear & pain, the real & perceived, self-protection, self-destruction and death.

August 03 2017

your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

come have a drink
and get some hot stuff this night
in the grace of our lady

Donna Summer.

July 27 2017

Chantal Akerman trifft auf Tine Rahel Völcker

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us – every thursday from 19h to 23h.

Ein imaginäres Road-Movie mit Film und Text als Hommage an die 2015 verstorbene Jüdisch-Gay-Experimental-Filmemacherin aus Brüssel.

Wir schauen Filmausschnitte aus ein paar weniger bekannten Filmen von Chantal Akerman („Les Rendez-vous d’Anna“, „Histoires d’Amérique“, „De l’autre côté“) und hören Textauszüge aus Tine Rahel Völckers Chantal-Akerman-Buch („Les Rendez-vous de Tarnów“) das den polnisch-jüdischen Spuren der Filme folgt. Wir widmen uns Chantal Akermans Kamerablick auf ihre geliebte Mutter, auf andere Frauen, auf sich selbst, auf den Westen als Exil.

kuratiert von Tine Rahel Völcker und Sabrina Saase

July 27 2017

Ein Workshop mit Elena Schmidt (staatlich ausgebildete Schauspielerin)

Die Stimme ist die Verlängerung des Körpers.

Dort wo ich stehe, kann niemand anderer sein. Diese Position beanspruche ich allein durch die Existenz meines Körpers. Ich kann mit meiner Hand einen Gegenstand verschieben. Dort wo mein Arm nicht lang genug ist, kann ich meine Stimme benutzen, jemanden zB. bitten oder davon überzeugen, für mich den Gegenstand weiter nach links oder rechts zu schieben.

Durch meine Stimme kann ich den Radius meines Körpers erweitern, meinen Ansprüchen, Gedanken und Bedürfnissen mehr Raum geben, ihnen Gehör verschaffen, etwas "bewegen".

Stimme ist gleich Stimmung. Wenn uns jemand anruft, entnehmen wir allein der Stimme des_r Anrufer_in wie es ihr_ihm geht. Ein geschulter und bewusster Einsatz unserer Stimme hilft uns, Informationen jenseits des sprachlichen Inhalts zu transportieren.

In dem Stimmkurs werden wir gezielt an diesen Fähigkeiten arbeiten: Atemtechniken erproben, den Körper als Resonanzraum erforschen und üben die Stimme gezielt in den Raum zu schicken.

Die Stimme stärken um meine Stimme zu stärken.

Anmeldung: elenaundschmidt@gmail.com
(max. 15, bitte Gymnastikmatten mitbringen)



July 13 2017


Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

Come join us for a night of destruction and reappropriation!


with a screening of S.C.U.M. Manifesto by Les Insoumuses (Carole Roussopoulos & Delphine Seyrig), 1976

and a cut up ritual
of René Descartes' 1666 text "Treatise on Man", a thoroughly mechanistic account of the human body, installing rational mind-body divide and the idea of man as machine well into the minds of the coming centuries.

We at SCUM Diva will keep on destroying, looting, fucking-up and killing until the money-work system no longer exists and automation
is completely instituted or until enough women co-operate with SCUM

doors at 7
screening at 8
cutting up MAN at 9 -
scissors and knives will be provided by Amelia Bande and Annika Högner

Men who are rational, however, just sit back, relax, enjoy the show and ride the waves to your demise.

July 6 2017


Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

This high vibrational curation is recharged and expanded upon from the original queer healing program in Amsterdam at Queeristan last year. These magical filmmakers span Turtle Island (North America), Asia, and Africa. This unapologetic program embraces the sacredness of continual self transformation. It investigates an idea of self care that doesn't shy away from politics or mental health stigmas. Video Crystals, video spells, video rituals and video poetry encourage healing and vulnerability among us.



Three healers will be in attendance and are available for sessions by donation. Please make sure to bring some euros for their valuable work. They will be there before and after the screening in the garden.

Yoav Shavit: www.yoavontheway.com
Nik Las: www.shiatsu-bodywork-berlin.de
Benjamin Block bodywork: www.benjaminblock.de

Delicious cakes and popcorn by Rosa Negra Vegan Catering

curated by Coral Short

Funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

June 29 2017


Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

DOOM DIVA is loud. Come be Loud with us!
Enjoy two finest metal bands.


Lithalsa (drone doom)
Lithalsa occur when ice forms beneath the ground and lifts the earth above it. Lithalsa are F, J and V who live together and play metal.
Lithalsa can be an ocean of possibilities or a black hole.



Choral Hearse is an all-queer, post/doom-metal band, consisting of Sara Neidorf (guitar), Liaam Iman (vocals), Bar Landau (bass), and Eszter Kadar (drums). The band formed in Berlin in early 2015 when Liaam and Sara began performing as an acoustic metal duo. Slowly the band gained its third and fourth members and got increasingly louder and noisier. The band is inspired by sacrilege, odysseys, and all things which fester underneath the surface. Their full-length album will be released in autumn/winter 2017.


doors at 7, concerts start at 8


June 25 2017
14:00 - 19:00

It is summer and we invite you to join us for another queer fat femme clothing swap at lovely Raumerweiterungshalle. 
Bring your stuff, browse, hang out, connect.

Please bring your own snacks.
We will have a donation box for the swap.
Please read the guidelines (german version below/auf deutsch weiter unten)


- When you are bringing stuff, please focus on clothes that fit a variety of body types. Please leave tiny or small clothes out. Orientation: Size 16 (44) and up or stretchy as fuck.

- Needless to say, the things you bring should be clean and not *too* broken. Jewellery, make-up, shoes, deco, wigs and so on are all very welcome!

- Please do not bring racist/cultural apropriating stuff like afro wigs or headdresses etc.

- Please be sensitive considering the clothes you are taking. When you are a baby fat, chubby or let's say under a size 22 (50) do not take the only beautiful shirt in a size 28 and wear it as a oversize dress. From experience there is always a shortage of pretty super size clothing, like in the real world. so let's share the gems we have. 

- All allies are welcome. If you are at the clothing swap as an ally don't take  the clothes befor 7pm (End). Support us, have a lemonade, enjoy the music.

- Most areas at Raumerweiterungshalle are wheelchair accessible incl a Toilet. If you encounter any problems, please let us know and We'll try to find a solution. There is no space for racism, homo- and transphobia, fat-shaming and sexism.


Es ist Sommer und wir laden euch zu einem weiteren queeren,fetten, femme Kleidertausch in die ultra mega tolle Raumerweiterungshalle ein.
Bringt Klamotten, wühlt, hängt ab und verbündet euch.

Bitte bringt eure eigenen Snacks.
Wir werden auch eine Spendenbox für den Swap aufstellen.
Bitte beachtet die Hinweise


- Wenn du Klamotten mit bringst achte bitte darauf das sie einem großen Spektrum von Körpern passen. Bitte last klitzekleine  und kleine Sachen zuhause. Orientiert euch an Größe 44 und mehr oder dehnbaren Materialien.

- Die Dinge, die ihr mitbringt, sollten sauber sein und nicht all zu kaputt. Schmuck, Make Up, Schuhe, Deko und Perücken sind auch sehr willkommen.

- Bitte bringt keine rassistischen/kulturell aneignende Sachen mit wie zbsp. Afro Perücken oder Federkopfschmuck.

- Sei sensibel wenn du dir Kleidung nimmst. Wenn du eher in das untere Spektrum der großen Größen gehörst oder sagen wir unter Größe 50 trägst, dann nimm dir bitte nicht das einzige schöne T-Shirt in Größe 58 und trag es als Übergroßes Kleid. Aus Erfahrung wissen wir das es immer einen Mangel an schönen sehr großen Größen gibt, wie in der Welt da draußen, also lasst uns die Schätze, die wir haben, teilen!

- Alle Verbündeten sind willkommen. Wenn du beim Kleidertausch als Verbündete bist dann nimm dir keine Kleidung vor 19 Uhr (Ende). Unterstütze uns, trink eine Limo, genieß die Musik.

- Die meisten Bereiche inkl. Toilette der Raumerweiterungshalle sind Barierefrei. Solltest du Probleme haben, bitte sprich uns an und wir versuchen eine Lösung zu finden. Hier ist kein Platz für Rassismus, Homo- und Transphobie, Beschämung fetter Körper und Sexismus.  



June 22 2017

your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

Come drink with us and listen to the yearning voice of Soosan, Kurdish-Iranian diva and people's hero who came up in the 1950s Tehran cafe scene and made it to the peak of fame but remained deeply connected to her roots and always gave back to her community. She passed away in loneliness in 2004 in L.A. Let's celebrate her life!

June 15 2017

your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

Come and enjoy drinks and the classic pop sounds of your favorite childhood girl-band. From 9 we'll screen spice world over the projector--- & for the brave and devoted aficionados, karaoke/ sing -along to the film tunes can be arranged. Dressing up is also welcome & encouraged! Feel free to impersonate your favorite Classic Spice or the one that was never taken down from the rack :) 

Cheers 2 Queers / Viva Forever

Your Halle Crew ♥


June 08 2017

your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

Welcome this good old familiar trope: the lesbian vampire. With her unrestrained independence she threatens to overthrow the existing social order. Come out for some red wine by candlelight. Be assured, at the halle no bloodthirsty dyke will get killed in the end. On the contrary, we're here to laugh in the face of that tame patriarchal myth and plot the next attack.

featuring a video installation with great work by Thirza Cuthand

plus accompanying cult film program featuring ridiculous stereotypes and babes and great sound:
Vampyros Lesbos / Daughters of Darkness / The Hunger


June 02 2017

Guest Party: ¡MASH-UP! Queer-OFF-Carnival-Party!

more infos on facebook event

June 01 2017

your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

Come chill with us and celebrate wonderful Chavela Vargas, Costa Rican-born Mexican singer. Come by and keep the drama in the rancheras!

May 25 2017

your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

This diva night is dedicated to Nicola Adams - the first olympic gold winning female boxer. Let's celebrate fighting for the things which are important for us. Especially on this so called "Herrentag" there are lot's of things on feminist minds to fight for and against. Let's share antisexist strategies and - of course - a drink!


May 6 2017

Queer - RiotGrrrl – Hardcore – Punk - Sause

Netter Raum – mit Bier und Brause!
4 Bands 1 Abend

soll:bruch:stelle - sperriger pinkpunk
wir überraschen uns selber immer wieder mit zusammengebastelten persönlichen vorlieben und gemeinsam entwickeltem...
mal schrebbelig, mal melodisch dürfen unsere instrumente und stimmen alles, wozu keine_r schreit oder flüstert: "geht gar nicht!"

Emoprofem - d.i.y.-emopopunk
is a trio from the underground of Campus Rütli. Unsere Vorbilder sind: Die drei ???, der Kupferschmied, Amanita "Neets" Caplan. Unsere Hobbies sind Kochen, Lesen, Einhörner striegeln, Musicals nachtanzen. Wenn wir groß sind, wollen wir lieber alles.

Trainingseinheit Katzenkotze – allgender Pommespunk
6 frittierte Ü-30 Kartoffeln machen Punk als wären sie 15: ungestimmte Instrumente, talentfrei, aber süß. Erste Sahne Rumgemotze, hintergründige Texte verschmelzen mit 3-4 Akkorden zu einem Kleinod der gepflegten Gute-Laune-Krachmusik.
Punkrock at its best!

erring soda - berlin based queer feminist hardcore punk

dj_ane very serious - queer-elektro-punk

doors open 19:30
shows start 20:30



April 23 2017

Pink Guerilla Gardening

Bathroom laws, gay propaganda laws, same-sex marriage opposition, religious objections, (cyber) bullying, discrimination and more anti-whatever. Being queer in 2017 is messy.

As one out of many symbols for the global struggle for queer liberation Pink Guerilla Gardening plans to spread pink flowers and seeds of pink flowers around the world. Especially poisonous, near-extinct species that are good for bees. Pink Guerrilla Gardening is a concept that shows that we’re here, that we will spread, that we’re supernatural and impossible to exterminate.

Come plant, make seedbombs, plant more, and share some Rosé- and Rhabarberschorle with us to the lovesongs of the Berliner Rundfunk DJ Team.



April 14 2017


As Raumerweiterungshalle continues to age gracefully, she's decided to opt for a more ~mature~ season's opening this year.

She'll be serving you:

- BYOG / Potluck-style Grilling (weather permitting - the idea is that enough grills and food will be brought along proportionately so that we can all bbq simultaneously.)

- Chilling (bring your favorite people to talk shit with while you BBQ)

- A fire, and (of course): Adult Beverages (~yessss~)

for the duration of the afternoon and into the early evening.

Musical selections will be provided by our resident DJs, with a reading and live performance to follow.

Nai (BCR) 16-18
The Neighbourhood Character (Uzuri Recordings / BCR) 18-20
Ze Royale (Pornceptual Berlin) 20:05-20:15
Wizard Apprentice (Practical Records, CA/US) 20:20-end

Cheers 2 Queers