November 23 '19

Finanzcoop oder Revolution in Zeitlupe?
Lesung und Gespräch

@ Aquarium, Skalitzer Str. 6, 10999 Berlin

***** english below *****

Das Buch stellt eine Gruppe von Menschen vor, die etwas anders machen als der Rest der Gesellschaft: Sie teilen ihr Geld, obwohl sie weder in derselben Stadt leben, noch durch familiäre Bande zusammengehalten werden. Mehrmals im Jahr kommen sie zusammen und regeln ihr finanzielles Auskommen der nächsten Monate. Dieses Modell heißt Finanzcoop.

Das gemeinsame Bankkonto, hervorgegangen aus dem Experiment einer WG im Jahr 1998, ist für die mittlerweile sieben Mitglieder zum Alltag geworden. Ihr regelmäßiger Austausch über Geld, materielle Werte und vor allem die eigenen Bedürfnisse hat sie zu Expert_innen gemacht. Dafür, was Geld in unserer Gesellschaft bedeutet, was es leistet, aber auch verunmöglicht. Und dafür, welche unentdeckten Freiräume eine andere Art von Ökonomie schaffen kann. In dieser Zwischenbilanz zu ihrem auf Lebenszeit angelegten Modell geben sie Einblicke, was ihre Neuerfindung einer Solidargemeinschaft, die quer zu Familie und Staat steht, bedeutet: für Partner_innen, Eltern und Kinder, für ihre Einstellung zu Erwerbsarbeit und unbezahlten Tätigkeiten, Nachwuchsplanung, Alterssicherung.

In ihren Berichten und Reflexionen machen die Mitglieder des FC-Kollektivs deutlich, dass diese Neuordnung der eigenen Verhältnisse gar nicht so radikal ist.
Durch den Abend führt Juliane Karakayali.

Finanzcoop oder Revolution in Zeitlupe,
FC- Kollektiv, Paula Bulling, Bini Adamczak, Büchner Verlag 2019

***** english *****

finance coop or revolution in slow motion?
reading and conversation

The book introduces a group of people who do something differently from the rest of society: they share their money, although they do not live in the same city, nor are related by blood. Several times a year they gather to manage their livelihood for the next couple of months. This model is called finance coop.

The joint bank account started as experiment in a flat share in 1998. Today it has become an everyday occurence for the now seven members. Their regular exchange about money, material goods and especially their individual needs has made them experts. For what money means in our society, for what it does, but also for what it prevents. And for which unexpected spaces of possibility another kind of economy can create. In this interim balance of their lifetime project they give insights into what their re-invention of a community in solidarity means, that is at odds with family and state: for partners, parents and children, for their attitude towards employmet and unpaid labour, procreation, provision for old age.

In their reports and reflections the members of the FC-collective make it clear, that this reshuffling of one’s own relations are not all that radical.
Juliane Karakayali moderates the evening.

whisper translation into English will be provided if needed :)

Finanzcoop oder Revolution in Zeitlupe,
FC- Kollektiv, Paula Bulling, Bini Adamczak, Büchner Verlag 2019


October 5 '19

~ Purrgatory ~ Season Closing Party ~

It's slowly getting colder and Halle needs to hibernate! We wrap up our 2019 with some feline festivities and go full circle with another chance to oscillate between sinfulness and absolution.

Dress in your best whiskers and come out for a last dance and help us make sure our baby has some memories for wet and sweaty dreams, so she can recharge and rejuvenate till next spring <3

🙀 🔥 😈 🐭 🐈
🐭 🐈


✧ Performances by "The Worst Performance ever" workshop ✧
facilitated by natal igor dobkin*
💫 Gold dust
💫 College
💫 Asha hardcore santimelntal
💫 Waldfee Frido
💫 Alte igor

I.Ruuu b2b Straga
I.Ruuu b2b Straga are karaoke comrades ready to get emotional booming faster than sound tunes

Participants of the SWITCH Workshop Series funded by Musicboard GmbH are serving the tunes for this fiery night.

Blending house, disco, dark wave, punk and more, Minq always takes the dance floor on a journey. Expect a heavy groove, thumping bass, and dreamy vocals.

plays mostly Techno bangers from various bents in style and age. Trance and 90´s Rave tunes are a big influence as well as almost everything with a powerful percussion element.

Paulinhx is a non-binary creature of Basque & Occitan origin, local of Berlin, who grew up in the dunes rocked by the ocean and bounced by the magic mountains. Their musical background is influenced by the encounter of diverse cultures on the Atlantic coast, teenage activism by local antifascist band, part of Organ’ Phantom crew in Bordeaux and Maracujá collective in Berlin. Their music collection brings together a fine selection of alternative artists from all around the world. Through political resonance and poetical actions, Paulinhx likes to make you travel space and time and tunes you in the craddle of a musical humanity.

🔥purr your heart out 🔥 purrfection 🔥 purrversion🔥

with Pilsator Special and fire in the garden

🙀 🔥 😈 💫 😻 🐭 🐈


October 2 '19
19:00 - 22:00
aequa Community Meeting: Next Steps Together

Our first official aequa community meeting, to give an overview of where the project is heading, gather your feedback and ideas, and share some important announcements.

Open to everyone with a collaborative, open and respectful mindset.



🌱 Call for members for aequa e.V. (registered club, applying for non-profit status)

☝️ Your chance to offer feedback on project direction (incl. opening permanent community space in 2020)

📝 Info on how to apply to be part of our Steering Team or Working Group

📆 Autumn workshop schedule announced

🌸 Update from partners Trans Feminism International and The Workshop



👂 You have heard of aequa and are interested in learning more
📅 You have attended an aequa event before
💻 You are part of our extended digital community
⚖️ You care about issues like social equity, intersectional feminism and climate justice — or if you are are just interested in learning more about these ideas within a supportive community


♿️Raumerweiterungshalle is wheelchair accessible including WC.


aequa is a community for social equity. Our vision is an equitable society in which every person can thrive. Our mission is to activate, enable and connect an intersectional community, and to do so sustainably. We do that by hosting gatherings for folks to exchange experiences and know-how, tackle shared challenges, and collaborate to create the world we dream of.

Together, we explore both our individual potential and our collective power.


September 4th
September 11th
September 18th
September 25th
15:00 - 18:00

My worst performance ever - A Queer Performance Workshop

Workshop hosted by natal igor dobkin*

photo by ludger storks

A queer performance workshop, over four meetings, for performers and non performers. We will give room for creativity, temptation, connection, and everything outside of the capitalistic realm of providing and creating material for success and product.


In every session we'll play with words, with sound, and we will work with the body. The last hour of every meeting will be open for showings and attempts of short performance works.

We will do a performance event as part of Raumerweiterungshalle's end-of-summer party on the 5th of October. Whoever wants to take part is welcome to share a performance at the event.

The workshop is free, donations are welcome.

In order to take part you need to commit to all four meetings.
Spots are limited.

Wednesdays: 4/9, 11/9, 18/9, 25/9
15:00-18:00 *please come on time

To sign up or ask any questions please contact Igor:
FACEBOOK: Natalie Igor Dobkin
WHATSUP: +97252318865

*natal-igor is a facilitator, a queer performer and dramaturg. giving queer performance workshops in the last 7 years for the queer community In tel aviv, and a performance art course under gender studies in ben gurion university in the last 6 years. natal-igor has also been teaching in a prep school of art for mental health "the garage" for two years.


September 21 '19
15:00 - late

Murmurs Soli Sound Festival

( (( ( ( open ears for shifting and re-wiring, re-affirming the connections that are honest and momentous. get some adrenalin and contacts from all the cuties you'll meet, familiar ears you've been meaning to be near, new___ _ _collaborators, femme and queer sound nerds and lovers galore. bring your sweet friends and fans

~ daytime snacks and backyard serenades, evening massage and sound bathing, night time sweaty groovnn and fire pit grounding ~

all the while, support a 10-day sound residency, outside Berlin, for womnyn/queer/FLINT* (femme-lesbian-intersex-non-binary-trans) sound artists.

holy moly so many good contributions
( (( ( s o u n d s ) )) )
Lady Gaby
Psychic CV
Shannon Sea
Lazy Rosario
Sameen Qasim
Leah Solomon
Exit Room
devin levin
Margo Sanda
Elizabeth Huehuentro
Lena Morris

((( ( ( p o e t r y )) ) )
Camille Käse
Marina Reza

(( ( d a n c e ) ) )
Su-mi Jang
Anounk Thériault
Sofy Seta

( (( ( v i d e o )) ) )
Ze Royale
Nico Limo & Zinzi Buchanan
Jana Spacelight
Chanteclair/Katie Kotler

( ( (( ( D J S ) ))) )))
GodXXX Noirphiles ( House of Living Colours / No Shade )
Sapphic Faggot ( Bodysnatch )
Folly Ghost ( No Shade )
LemonBoy ( Butters )

( (( s n a c k s ) ))
Eliza Mozer

( (( ( m a s s a g e )) ) from Malaika and Clara Conza

+ + for event updates and schedule with times check here

~ save the date.

(( ( (( ( ( v v v excited to bask in all this sonic brilliance w u u u ) ))) ) )

:-) this venue is wheelchair accessible :-)



September 19 '19

Forced Into Femininity ω Big Debbie ω Cuntroaches ω Sunk Heaven

the Raumerweiterungshalle co-presents:

A W≋E≋I≋R≋D≋≋N≋I≋G≋H≋T of synth / noise / punk / performance art / ?

violent bouncy ball of derailed rhythms + theatrics / Marxist body horror / trans-feminist act of resistance

BIG DEBBIE / Los Angeles
post-punk gothic high drama meets queer outsider synth-pop

SUNK HEAVEN / NYC (member of The Sediment Club)
enigmatic object noise reverberations

local degenerate trash bag leak

new (wave) synth connoisseur on the block

≋doors at 20.00 / first band at 21.30
sliding scale / no one turned away due to lack of funds!


September 12th
15:00 - 21:00

Toolbox / Building Day

Raumerweiterungshalle is very happy to have received the Project Space Award from Berlin Senat this year, which enables her to continue paying rent and other essentials for a while. On this occasion we open our doors for old and new friends.

Without countless people volunteering their time and energy to keep the infrastructure going Raumerweiterungshalle would not exist. Maintenance work in diy spaces is super important and we want to celebrate it today. By doing a little more of it together :)

We invite you to an afternoon of reproductive labour.

Come join us make a tool-wall, block up some holes in the sauna, plan an equipment storage cage or - if you want to be ambitious - help us fix the broken shutters.

Drinks and snacks will be provided xx


This event is our contribution to the program taking place during Berlin Art Week and surrounding the Official Award Ceremony of “Award for Art Project Spaces and Initiatives” 2019 on Friday, 13 September, 7 pm at Humboldthain Club, Hochstraße 46, 13357 Berlin.


3.September '19
19 Uhr

FORT AUS DER ISOLATION! Was heißt es, wenn sieben als "lebensunwert" ermordete Frauencharaktere auf der Bühne ihre Stimme erheben?

Szenische Lesung und Gespräch mit Tine Rahel Völcker, Cora Schmechel, Andreas Hechler und Mix

In den Jahren 1940 und 41 wurden in der nationalsozialistischen Tötungsanstalt Pirna Sonnenstein, einer ehemaligen Psychiatrie, etwa 15.000 Menschen mit psychischen Krisen, von der Norm abweichendem Verhalten, mit körperlichen oder kognitiven Einschränkungen ermordet.
Im Herbst/Winter 2019 bringt Tine Rahel Völcker zusammen mit einem Team aus Frauen* und Queers ihr Theaterstück "Frauen der Unterwelt. Sieben hysterische Akte" auf die Bühne. Es werden die Biografien von sieben Frauen und Mädchen erzählt, die in geschlechtsspezifische Konflikte und Krisen gerieten, in die Psychiatrie kamen und im Rahmen des nationalsozialistischen "Euthanasie"-Programms von Ärzt*innen und Pflegepersonal getötet wurden.

Warum finden sich unter den Opfern der Tötungsanstalt Pirna-Sonnenstein so viele Frauen mittleren Alters, die Anfang oder Mitte der 1930er Jahre in eine geschlossene Psychiatrie kamen?
In welcher geschlechtsspezifischen Form der Isolation befanden sich die im Stück dargestellten Frauen?
Warum wurde über die Ermordeten der NS-"Euthanasie" so lange geschwiegen?
Kommt mit der AfD ein neues rassehygienisches Denken auf uns zu - oder war es nie weg?
Und was kann eine queerfeministische Praxis zur Bewältigung von Krisen, die durch Stigmatisierung oder Rollenzuschreibungen entstanden sind, heute beitragen?

Nach einer kurzen Lesung mit Auszügen aus dem Stück werden uns diese und weitere Fragen beschäftigen. Tine Rahel Völcker (Autorin und Regisseurin des Stücks) diskutiert mit Cora Schmechel (Soziologin, Mit-Herausgeberin von "GegenDiagnose. Beiträge zur radikalen Kritik an Psychiatrie und Psychologie" ), Andreas Hechler (Urenkel eines Opfers der NS-"Euthanasie", hat verschiedentlich zu seiner Familiengeschichte publiziert und Vorträge gehalten) und Mix (macht seit über drei Jahren radikale Therapie, reflektiert RT und FORT im Starter*innen-Kollektiv).

Kommt zahlreich und diskutiert mit!

Der Raum ist größtenteils barrierefrei zugänglich. Nähere Infos hierzu sowie eine Wegbeschreibung findest du hier:

Tine mit Lissa Flade, Tochter eines "Euthanasie"-Opfers in der Gedenkstätte Pirna-Sonnenstein

Die Veranstaltung bildet zugleich den Auftakt einer Crowdfunding-Kampagne, die dem Theaterprojekt die noch fehlenden Finanzmittel beschaffen soll. Denn auch bei dem Theaterprojekt geht es um die Überwindung von Isolation und zwar durch Öffentlichkeit und durch eine große Gruppe von Frauen* und Queers, die auf der Bühne gemeinsam alle sieben Geschichten erzählen. Alle Beteiligten sollen für ihre Arbeit anständige Gagen erhalten und die Geschichten der sieben Frauen und Mädchen sollen einen respektvollen künstlerischen Rahmen erhalten, wozu ein professionelles Bühnenbild gehört. Die Erlöse aus der Crowdfunding-Kampagne kommen diesen beiden Bereichen zu.

Crowdfunding Link, aktiv ab 03.09.19:

"Frauen der Unterwelt. Sieben hysterische Akte" von Tine Rahel Völcker in Kooperation mit dem Ballhaus Ost. Es spielen mit: Vernesa Berbo, Philipp Engelhardt, Olga Feger, Lara Anais Martinez-Wiesselmann, Nora Quest und Tucké Royale. Bühne und Kostüme: Jessica Rockstroh. Musik: Simon Bauer. Licht: Johanna Seitz. Regie: Tine Rahel Völcker.

Das Projekt wird unterstützt von der Einzelprojektförderung des Berliner Senats, der Heinz und Heide Dürr Stiftung, der Rudolf Augstein Stiftung und dem Kulturamt Pankow.


31. August '19

Soliparty for the open fltqi*woodworkshop

Dear People, is OAX-CONSTRUCTIONS again, your dearest woodworking collective!

Some of you might have accompanied our hustle to take over the open workshop "Schokofabrik" in Keuzberg. Our crowdfunding campaign is online- and definitely not over, we still need some cash cash to reach our goal- one more very much needed queer space for us in the city! because you all were so supportive and we do not only know how to build your tables but dance on them, we invite you to our solidarity!!
tell your friends, come to party with us, let the tables shake!!

9:30 pm - doors

10:00 Oihane Roach (live performance)
11:00 - 06:00
DJ Shahmaran (Hiphop, Baile Funk)
Alice Dee, Leila A. & DJ Gizzel (Rrrap)
Duo Maravilla (Reaggaton, Funky, Cumbia, Salsa)

entry: 5-10 euro

*We stand against all kinds of discrimination!
*Cultural appropriation not welcome!


you can also support the fundraiser here:
<3 <3


August 24th '19

Uter Project Storytelling
with Tonina Matamalas

excerpt from Uter Project Drawing

Uter Project is a huge collaborative drawing about sexual and reproductive freedom.

The project started on january 2014 in the midst of a big debate in Spain regarding the spanish goverment’s attempt to penalize abortion.

The image communicates people's stories about sexual and reproductive health, history related to abortion, maternity and community building, queernes. A cry for freedom to decide about our own bodies.

For five years we widely presented the project abroad. The documentary growed and transformed on each presentation/conversation we have had, and now we would like to share it with you, tell some of the stories learned during the five years, discuss and talk together on the topics mentioned above.

+ info :


doors at 19h, storytelling at 20h
there will be food to share

Tonina Matamalas will spend the week from August 19th in residency at Raumerweiterungshalle together with Irene Bailo.

August 24th '19

Orchestitsra Atetelie
Workshop Experiment

ORCHESTITSTRA 🍈🍈 Atelier for women, trans and non-binary people, with tits of all ages, qualities and personalities.

ORCHESTITSTRA 🌶🌶 is a series of experiments of composition and sound improvisations with theremin, from titechnical developed by Marie Carangi in the performance Lyrical Theta.

In this performance, the sound comes from the frictional relationship between the body and the theremin's sensitive sound field. The "singing" is uttered by the movement of the tits that penetrate the electromagnetic field generated by the instrument in the space from an antenna, in which the musical notes are distributed. This field reacts to vibrations and body movements.

In the ORCHESTITSTRA 🏀🏀 we will use a pantyhose in which we will make two holes through which the tits jump, projecting forward and outward.

Let's shake tits together!


ORCHESTITSTRA Atetelier para mulheres, pessoas trans e não-binárias, com tetas de todas as idades, qualidades e personalidades.

ORCHESTITSTRA é uma série de experimentos de composição e improvisação sonora coletetiva com theremin, a partir de tetécnicas desenvolvidas por Marie Carangi na performance Teta Lírica.

Nesta performance, o som vem da relação friccional entre o corpo e o campo sonoro sensível do theremin. O "canto" é pronunciado pelo movimento das tetas que penetram o campo eletromagnético gerado pelo instrumento no espaço a partir de uma antena, na qual as notas musicais são distribuídas. Este campo reage às vibrações e movimentos corporais.

Na ORCHESTITSTRA usaremos uma meia-calça na qual faremos dois furos através dos quais as tetas saltam, projetando-se para frente e para fora.

Let's shake tits together!



August 17th '19

tatoos from 16:00

¿Quien es Quien? Exhib. Screening, gig + party!

concert! dance! fire! snacks!

Pissy - too gay for punk, to0 punk for gay
Glasgow Berlin

Shumsick - electronic rage noise pop
Buenos Aires

DEL CALABOZO tattos from 4pm

Dance Pari Pari Pari- pereo, house, hi-nrg, wave,shite

Weekend events and doings by Sebastian Ymai all the way from Glasgow. The events will try to pay as much tribute as posible to the wonderful comunity that has been built by fellow queer punk through the distance.



August 16th '19

poster + zine exhibition and screening
in the frame of Sebastian Ymai's Halle residency

Showing videos and moving image from queers through the distance featuring:

Charlie No Home (Ldn)
Tarantula (Gla)
Ajna Solunar/Lacra Slide Skate Crew/@cielonubecita (Stgo/Valpo)
Matia Melena/@xxcxcxcxxc (Valpo)
Mathew Arthur Williams (Gla)
Andrew Black (Gla)
Emilia Beatriz (Gla, Prto Rico)
Latex Cheese (Outer Space)

Sebastian Ymai, Glasgow artist and punker, has been using halle for all sorts of music maquing as well as displaying graphic works from the Glasgow Queer Punk Collective Spite House and Descontrol Shop from L.A. in the week from August 12th.


August 3rd '19
MINI Fuzarka!

Fuzarka Festival - Latinamerica in focus

We are a group of people from different parts of "Latinamérica", some of us are living in Berlin, and some are spread around the world. We got together because we wanted to organize a festival that would visibilize different forms of expression, allow us to meet each other, show each other, think and rethink certain things about the posicion we are in. We want to share what we do and take advantage of what ever arises from those intentions.

Most of all we want to meet up, exchange ideas, knowledge, empowerment, discussions and party.

This DIY-festival will take place on the first weekend of August in Raumerweiterungsalle , Berlin.

The program consists of workshops, performances, exibitions, debates, zines/publications, food and…. party!

For all the activities you can contribute by donation with what you can. And if you don't have money you are welcome.

𝒃𝒖𝒕 racist, sexist, classist, xenophobic, whorephobic,lesbo.homo.transphobic, ableist
(or any kind of oppresive behaviour)

Fuzarka festival - Latinamerica en foco

Somos un grupo de personas de distintas partes de "Latinamérica", algunas vivimos en Berlín, otras andamos girando por ahí, nos juntamos porque queremos organizar un festival en donde poder visibilizar algunas formas de expresión, también solamente encontrarnos, mostrarnos, pensar y re pensar algunas cosas desde la posición en la que estamos, compartir lo que hacemos, y aprovechar lo que suceda de todas esas intenciones.

Queremos, sobre todo, encontrarnos, intercambiar ideas y conocimientos, empoderamiento, discusión, fiesta.

El Festival que auto-gestionamos tiene lugar el primer fin de semana de Agosto en el Raumerweiterungsalle, Berlin.

La programación consta de talleres, conciertos, exposiciones, debates, zines/publicaciones, comida y… fiesta!

Para todas las actividades se puede contribuir con la donación que puedas dar. Si no tenés plata está todo bien.

𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙤 racismo, sexismo, clasismo, xenofobia, putafobia, lesob.homo.transfobia, capacitismo
(o cualquier tipo de actitud opresiva)

▂▃▅▆▇█ █P █ R █ O █ G █ R █ A █ M █ A █ █▇▆▅▃▂

12:00_ ABRIMOS!

Desde el comienzo hasta las 19


_ESTETICA DEL AFECTO (Workshop de arcilla)
La estética de Nuestros cuerpos ha sido colonizada durante más de 500 años por el eurocentrismo y el capitalismo. Dejándonos, los cuerpos mosntruosos, negados por esta sociedad, solo con ignorancia y alejamiento de nuestros propios cuerpos. que depende de nosotros para cambiar nuestra propia mirada, relación y estética este universo que es el cuerpo. En este workshop de arcilla exploraremos y nos acercaremos a la vagina. Crearemos a partir de estos diversos materiales estéticos de amor y empoderamiento.

_CON EL CUERPO SE RESISTE (Workshop de fotografia)
Para mujeres, queers y trans. Invitamos a todxs a construir con nosotrxs un photoshoot de resistencia corporal, ya sea como modelo o fotografo, exploraremos juntxs diversos cuerpos y actividades y capturaremos estas por nuestras proprias lentes.
Las fotos seran distribuídas de acuerdo con la voluntad de todos los participantes del workshop, respetando siempre su privacidad.



Autogestivo y colaborativo
Nos reuniremos a hacer un fanzine colectivo. Puedes traer tus textos, tus dibujos, tus recortes de cualquier revista, o simplemente tus ideas o tus ganas de ver como hacer un fanzine. Tambien habra palabras recortadas para hacer tus poemas en el momento, todxs bienvenidxs! Si no hablas español o portugues avisanos para tener traduccion disponible.

RESTISTENCIA (Workshop de Malabares)
Sea en el Norte o en el Sur, latinxs resisten por las ciudades cambiando el día a día del trabajador con su arte. Ya sea con artesanía, poesía, danza o malabares. Con el crecimiento de la ultra derecha en nuestro territorio -el mundo- el día a día del trabajador del arte, especialmente artistas de Calle, se encuentra cada vez mas criminalizado y penalizado. Invitamos a todxs a juntarse a nuestra resistencia!. Para compartirnos nuestras vivencias latinas como observadores del arte o artistas en un workshop de malabares con pinos y mucho mas!.
Exploraremos nuestros cuerpos por este arte, música e intercambios.
Con Javi; Bloque Latino Americano; Chile.

18:30_ LABORATORIO GROOVE (Workshop de Danza) (1Hs)
La propuesta es tener un taller, o mejor un encuentro, dedicado a todxs aquellxs que sienten la urgencia de bailar, moverse, bucear dentro de la música, sin importar cuánta experiencia, nivel o tipo de cuerpo tenga. La idea del Laboratorio es entrenar a la fiesta, ¿cómo? Este encuentro será guiado por una serie de ejercicios de improvisación centrados en la musicalidad, la conciencia corporal, individual y grupal, mezclando un poco de técnica de danzas urbanas con el estilo libre de cada unx. Nos acompañarán distintos sonidos, desde hip hop, funk, r & b, hasta trap y cumbia. El objetivo es dejar salir el groove de cada unx en el vínculo con la música, con su identidad única.

+ ELI (Música en vivo)

Teta Lírica
Tâmera Bak, homenaje a Xuparina.



July 29th '19

Warum wir so gefährlich waren. Geschichten eines inoffiziellen Gedenkens
filmscreening mit Bettina Dziggel und Marinka Körzendörfer

Im Dokumentarfilm „Warum wir so gefährlich waren. Geschichten eines inoffiziellen Gedenkens“ erzählen vier Frauen von den zahlreichen Versuchen der Ostberliner Gruppe Lesben in der Kirche (LiK), von 1984-1986 an den Gedenkveranstaltungen im ehemaligen Frauenkonzentrationslager in Ravensbrück teilzunehmen. Die Lesbengruppe widmete sich u.a. in den 1980er Jahren dem Anliegen, das Schicksal von im NS verfolgten lesbischen Frauen sichtbar zu machen und ihnen öffentlich zu gedenken. Der DDR-Staat reagierte mit Repression.

Ein Film Songül Bitiş, Samira Mahmud, Colin Müller und Marie Schlingmann, 2006, D, 50min


July 23-25 '19
10:00 - 18:30

Switch Vinyl DJ Bootcamp with Killa & The Neighborhood Character

Vinyl (Analog): A 3-day in depth workshop for novice and intermediate participants.

Day 1 will consist of a brief technical overview, an introduction to mixing fundamentals: turntable setup, selection, cueing, listening etc.

Day 2 will be a continuation of day 1, and focus on participants developing knowledge and ability to listen selectively, beatmatch, work with pitch, and EQing tracks.

On Day 3, participants will pair up as DJ duos to perform their skills in a live showcase and have the option to record a short mixtape together or individually, that will be shared through the SWITCH Mixcloud page, and amongst other friends and participants. Each day we will open the space for practice time outside of the hours of instruction.

facilitators: KILLA and The Neighbourhood Character; for 8 participants

**Please note that each workshop has a limited number of available places. We’ll have a waiting list if necessary, and ask you to please only sign up if you can really commit or let us know ahead of time if you need to drop out, so we can pass on your spot to someone else**

To sign up, send an email with a few lines about yourself to - - you will then receive a detailed schedule and further instructions.

SWITCH is a workshop series that aims to centralize (not exclusively) and empower women, people of color, gender non-conforming folks and queers through accessible music education.

Through these workshops, we hope to establish a culture of engaging participatory and multivocal approaches to sharing and spreading knowledg(es) of electronic music and electronic sound art and performance within a DIY setting, thus encouraging self-empowerment among DIY, up-and-coming, and semi-professional emerging artists.

With time and resources, we see these efforts bridging analog and digital music performance cultures, providing knowledges of both forms and their potential overlaps.

Funded by Music Board Berlin GmbH



July 15-18 '19
12:00 - 18:00

Switch Noisemakers Camp - From Circuits to Coding

A 4-day in depth workshop, with Rehab Hazgui, Ayoka Green, 6zm and T Blank that will cover both analogue and digital technologies in sound synthesis and manipulation.

Day 1 - Azki Punk Console: The first day will be based on an experimental acoustic approach, where participants will be guided through the design and production of a DIY voltage-controlled oscillator. During this day, participants will be asked to build their own electronic instruments, experiment with analog control interfaces, play together and take their own console with them. Participants will familiarize themselves with basic electronic tools, soldering irons and multimeters.

Day 2 - Sound of Light: With the new gained skills about electronics we will create different light sensitive electronic instruments on a more experimental level on the second day. Participants will learn to build and modify circuits of light controlled oscillators and experiment with solar panels as musical instruments.

Day 3 - Human-Interface Devices as Controllers: The third day aims at bringing a foundation-al insight about audio programming and using non-musical controllers (joysticks, sensors) to control/generate audible features. We will practice programming basic sound-synthesis methods and building custom audio/midi effects on Ableton Live using Max4Live. Participants will be then invited to create a collaborative orchestra by incorporating their Azki Punk Console with HID controllers.

Day 4 - Noisemakers Jam: On the last day of the Noisemakers Camp, we are aiming to combine the analog instruments and digital patches the participants have built on the previous three days. The result will be a collaborative, spatial and interactive sound installation, which will later be showcased publicly on the 27th of July.

For 8 participants. Participation in the workshop is free, although pay-as-you-can / donations are encouraged for material costs for day 1 & 2 as our funding does not cover this.

**Please note that each workshop has a limited number of available places. We’ll have a waiting list if necessary, prioritize those that are new to Switch and ask you to please only sign up if you can really commit or let us know ahead of time if you need to drop out, so we can pass on your spot to someone else**

To sign up, send an email with a line about yourself to - - you will then receive further instructions for application.

SWITCH is a workshop series that aims to centralize (not exclusively) and empower queers, people of color, gender non-conforming folks and women through accessible music education.

Through these workshops, we hope to establish a culture of engaging participatory and multivocal approaches to sharing and spreading knowledg(es) of electronic music and electronic sound art and performance within a DIY setting, thus encouraging self-empowerment among DIY, up-and-coming, and semi-professional emerging artists.

With time and resources, we see these efforts bridging analog and digital music performance cultures, providing knowledges of both forms and their potential overlaps.

Funded by Musicboard Berlin GmbH



July 9th '19

das burlebübele mag i net
- bewegte lesben in ost und west berlin
filmscreening mit Sandra Luka Stoll und Anke Schwarz

Anhand zweier Biografien nähert sich die Doku sowohl den Parallelen als auch den Besonderheiten des alltäglichen Lebens und einer politischen Organisierung von zwei Lesben im geteilten Berlin der 70er und 80er Jahre. Nur wenige Kilometer voneinander entfernt kämpften Cristina Perincioli
und Ursula Sillge zur gleichen Zeit als frühe Aktivistinnen für die Rechte von Lesben und Schwulen. Die eine in Westberlin, die andere in Ostberlin. So ähnlich die Ziele der beiden Protagonistinnen auch waren, so unterschiedlich war die jeweilige politische Situation.

Ein Film von Sandra Luka Stoll und Anke Schwarz, Berlin 2008, Länge: 43min



July 6th '19

¡MASH-UP! Multigender / Multiworld - Irradiate yourself

- Oriental indie pop (Tel Aviv)
Chernobyl - Brazilian funk, vogue, house (São Paulo)

Eric Oliveira & Slim Soledad - Chernobyl b2b DJ-set
Grace Kelly – world wide dancefloor
NARA - tropical bass

Toxina Matamalas 

... and more delicious surprises…

 A part of the party's profit goes to International Women’s Space.


¡MASH-UP! Multigender / Multiworld is really glad to welcome you again to its summer season in RaumErweiterungsHalle. Israeli queer singer and cellist ILLAY and her band will be playing live some Middle-Eastern up-tempo songs from her album Sabotage. Along with it, there will be a live-act/DJ-set showcase with Brazilian queer-political collective Chernobyl (friends with queer hurricane Linn da Quebrada), bringing some radioactive funk, vogue and house to the dancefloor.

Vive la différence! We are a bunch of people of different nationalities, colours, creeds and backgrounds. We live and love life, diversity, intersections and multiple identities, walking through different spheres at the same time. ¡MASH-UP! – Multigender / Multiworld is a platform to get together, exchange ideas, feel good, have fun and empower transtropical, postcolonial and nonconformist queers and their friends. We dream of a world without borders.



ILLAY comes from Israel, lives in Berlin, and finds inspiration wherever joy encounters melancholy. Cellist and singer ILLAY’s haunting lyrics and unusual compositions create music that invite you to dance as much as to contemplate.

ILLAY’s multi-cultural upbringing, energetic personality and innovative style has led to her recently supporting German singer- songwriter Astrid North, forming and touring with the electroacoustic trio MOJOY, and composing music for dance performances and film soundtracks, including the award-winning Israeli documentary Winding.

ILLAY’s album Sabotage (Oriental indie pop) was released in October 2018. Created in the heart of Tel Aviv, the album includes ILLAY's inner circle of professional musicians who all joined forces to produce the album in a makeshift studio within only a month's time. The result is an engaging mix of melodies sung in English, Hebrew and French, and shaped by Eastern and Western influences that include classical, contemporary, and electronic music. It is full of ethereal and soulful lyrics set to rhythms that embrace pop music, Middle-Eastern disco, West African beats, and much more. All this leads to a creative debut that strikes an interesting balance that is both delicate and powerful, much like the performer herself.

“In [Illay’s] complex compositions and forthright lyrics, she unfolds a parallel world in which one can laugh without forgetting to weep and vice versa.”
TAZ Magazine, Germany

“Her music, at times, borders on the avant garde, making it startling and full of surprises.” 
- Marvin Glenn, Ezra magazine 



Chernobyl is meeting.
Chernobyl is party.
Chernobyl is power.
Chernobyl is resistance.
Chernobyl is network building.
Chernobyl is the resignification of our catastrophes.
Chernobyl is also radiation.
They are the radioactive elements of contamination of the imposed order. They are the chemical element that will erode the viscera of patriarchy, of normativity, of cisnormativity
they are the Chernobyl movement.
Chernobyl is an experimentation in a DJ-set/performance developing from a "cage with green gore". An LGBTQI+ collective from São Paulo, they refer to the city of Chernobyl, in which a nuclear accident occurred, causing many deaths and genetic deformities in several generations of people who lived in its vicinity. In Brazil many people are called Chernobyl as a pejorative term indicating a deformity, being these: queer, tranny fag, fat, black, among other dissenting performativity of the cis heteronormative white pattern.

Eric Oliveira is one of the protagonists of the collective and has already suffered many attacks on their social networks being called Chernobyl reminding that she would have come from a place where her body had gone beyond an acceptable form. The experiment relies precisely on re-naming the name by showing the potential these dissident bodies have over society. The “cage” is basically our bodies that cannot have contact with other people, because they are radioactive forms and in reaching/interacting with the social pattern, ends up contaminating other people in society. 



June 7th '19

KuirFest Berlin 2019 is closing the "Queer Feminist Rebels" Program with a celebration at Ostkreuz’s transfeminist DIY venue Raumerweiterungshalle. Bringing wide range of genres together with politics, this eclectic night will be fun, fabulous and a great finale for the second edition of KuirFest Berlin.

Come join us for this spectacle!

Drag-On (performances)
▶︎ Cupid ▶︎ Old Man Glanda ▶︎ Smooth Operator

▶︎ Ebow
▶︎ Alice Dee, Leila.A., Gizzel&Frizzel
▶︎ 6zm ft. Gazolin (aka Gazino Neukölln)

▶︎ Creo_en_todo
▶︎ T**lin (Queeriental)

Artwork by Rüzgâr Buşki.

KuirFest Closing Party musicboard
is funded by Musicboard Berlin.




June 6th '19

Screening in presence of the filmmaker

This is fresh: the Berlin Premiere of the queer experimental science-fiction web series by Caio Amado Soares, followed by an informal Q&A and celebration

Club Splendida, 2019, 23min, english (deutsche Untertitel)

Planet Earth is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and a crew of five friends decide to build their own spaceship out of there. On a quest to search for Club Splendida, a rumoured utopia in the depths of outer space, the team hopes to find “the answer to life, the universe, and everything”. Soon they find out the biggest challenges are on their way and not what they expect.

Doors open: 20:00
Screening starts: 20:55



April 27 '19

season opening party

Let thy glorious day be upon us! The resurrection of the holy Halle before she dives into another season of sin-fuelled queer debauchery, depravity and devastation. Hold on to your habits and HALLElujah!

DRESS if you DARE in your best religious theme-wear and receive a welcum shot from our guardian angels at the door.

JOIN US before a deep descent into the gates of RAUMERWEITERUNGSHELL ;)


SASSY B (fallen angel's purgatory€€€dance)
(haus of technicolour disco, boogie & gospel)

VANILA (house + techno)
ĀBNAMĀ (deep vibes + outwards joy)


KING JOSEPHINE hosts the Holy Catwalk

Michelle Volta is a Jane of all trades, known for her multiple personalities and ability to shapeshift. She started out as a head mistress of a talent agency, she sampled poetry, danced in circles. Today she focuses on the polyphonic sounds of immaterial labor.

We invite you to participate in the Holy Catwalk, hosted by King Josephine, at midnight - an extravagant depiction of queered religions and spiritualities.

Come and show your personal take on religious aesthetics. Become a dazzling spirit, a wicked witch, a glamorous goddess, a sci-fi angel, or simply whatever lies beyond. Get creative with your costume and practice your pose. Let’s all take a trip to heaven, hell or all the places in-between.

This evening, Holy Halle will open its gates for free to every participant in the catwalk, as well as feed them with the holy water of their choice three times.

Everyone wins in the forgiveness of all sins.

Please register until the 24th of April, with a simple email to

with your persona, and costume/back story - you can embody whatever you want, also walk as yourself. Get a ruby red surprise: come as a socialist.

Your Team Halle🌹


✝KARAOKE KHAOS all night long in the Karaokewagon



Sliding scale entry. Money is the devil. No one turned away due to lack of funds!




for any questions, comments/concerns, interests in collaboration, event proposals, -or- if you want to subscribe to our mailing list, please contact us at selbstuniversitaet[at]gmail[dot]com