your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

08.09. Summer
01.09. Skiing and Tanja Pippi & Fetal Twink
18.08. Prosecco Punx dedicated to Poly Styrene
11.08. Loleatta Holloway
04.08. entzaubert!
28.07. White Girl Wasted
summer break
07.07. Céline Dion
30.06. all the EM diva's tears
23.06. Luxus für alle!
16.06. Florynce Kennedy
09.06. Sylvester


September 1 2016

diva heaven


Skiing is a Berlin band influenced by 1950s rock'n'roll, queercore, punk and and and. Our songs feature guitars, drum beats, bass, and lyrics with one or more-part harmonies.
Consisting of Everett Darling and a rotating and dramatic cast of friends, lovers, family, ex-friends, ex-lovers, future-lovers, etc... Lyrics discuss sanity, books and poetry, celestial bodies, philosophy, gay identity, immigration, political ideologies, weekend sports, death, objects, love, and most recently sex.


Tanja Pippi And Fetal Twink

Tanja Pippi, singer and instrumentalist of the Berlin based band Jolly Goods, will perform some new and old Jolly Goods songs with Fetal Twink (History Of Color TV/I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream) with guitars, keys and organs. Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/jolly-goods/tanja-pippi-and-fetal-twink-sound-snippets



August 18 2016

your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

This Diva Heaven is dedicated to Poly Styrene, the archetype for the modern-day feminist punk "There's nothing wrong with beauty," she said, "but whether it's actually helping the female cause of being equal to men, you have to judge for yourself." So bring your teeth braces and other (un)COOL youth memories and sins.

August 11 2016

your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

This diva heaven is dedicated to Loleatta Holloway.



August 10 2016

Hot Chix: Neither Here nor There // Geile Uschis: weder hier noch dort

A multimedia durational piece seeking to expose the inconsistencies in Berlin’s queer and feminist scene. As previous non-artists, we seek to (re)claim the title artist from the social structures of both mainstream and marginal social scenes that have, due to varying power structures and disseminations of capital (social, economic, sexual, etc.) barred us from arriving at this identity. Until now.

In the frame of http://www.projectspacefestival-berlin.com/

doors at 8, program at 9




August 4-7 2016

Entzaubert Open Archive

This year entzaubert will be holding a special event over 4 days, diving deep into the archives, to increase the visibility of one of the world’s few DIY self-organized queer film archives.

we invite the audience to take a look at our archives, to work practically on maintaining the films, with the goal of developing an accessible self-organized sustainable independent DIY queer film archive.

through this collective training camp we hope to find fresh perspectives on the archive: reflecting on film submissions, selection process and programming; exchanging about DIY collective work practices, distribution and economies – through hands-on as well as conceptual workshops, panels and discussions.



July 28 2016

your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

This diva night is dedicated to White Girl Wasted, the music project of Local Honey.

https:// ifellasleeplikethis.bandcam p.com/

Local Honey uses vocal modification, noise, and dissonant pop sounds paired with visions of both queer familial relationships and solitude to invoke sonic womanhood. She reverses feminine sound as a weapon, a cathartic battlecry: like hard femme heaven.

doors open at 7pm, concert at 8pm


July 18 2016

Productions and wonders – a feminist archive in action
With Rotmi Enciso and Ina Riaskov

Producciones y Milagros Agrupación Feminista is a small Mexican organisation with one of the countries biggest photographic archives specialised on the feminist movement in Mexico and Latin America. We see photography, video and graphics as tools for collective and individual remembrance work and art as expression and process of radical feminist self care and self defence. Tonight we’d like to present our work in context of  the current political situation in Mexico. Femicides, enforced disappearances, abortion politics, sexualised violence as well as antifeminist vendettas on facebook and twitter are all part of our political work.

Accompanied by the exhibition: female* fights, which features snapshots of feminist campaigns in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

There will be background music by Las Puchachitas (feminist Son Jarocho) during the exhibition. Las Puchachitas are a group of Mexican women who met in Berlin. They are Feminists, Decolonialists, against racism, capitalism and patriarchy, queer, happy and antidepressive. With their version of Son Jarocho, they call into question female gender roles.


Producciones y Milagros – Un archivo fotográfico feminista en acción
con Rotmi Enciso e Ina Riaskov

Producciones y Milagros Agrupación Feminista es una organización mexicana con uno del los archivos fotográficos feminista más grande en México y América Latina. Fotografía, video y creación gráfica son para nosotras herramientas de construcción y resguardo de memoria colectiva e individual. Entendemos la creación artística como expresión y proceso de autocuidado y autodefensa feminista radical. En esta charla queremos presentar nuestro trabajo en el contexto actual de México. Feminicidio, desaparición forzada, el derecho al aborto, violencia sexual y también las campañas de odio en redes sociales digitales son algunos de los temas que abordamos.

Exposición: “Defender la alegría, organizar la rabia – luchas de mujeres, mujeres en lucha” reúne momentos plasmados en nuestro archivo fotográfico desde México y otros países del Abya Yala.

La exposición será acompanyada de Las Puchachitas (Son Jarocho Feminista). Las Puchachitas son un grupo de mujeres mexicanas, feministas, decoloniales, antiracistas, anticapitalistas, antipatriacales, cuir, felices y antidepresivas que se encontraron en Berlín y que reivindican el papel de las mujeres en los versos del Son Jarocho.


Produktionen und Wunder – Ein feministisches Bildarchiv in Aktion

Mit Rotmi Enciso und Ina Riaskov

Producciones y Milagros Agrupación Feminista ist eine kleine mexikanische Organisation mit einem der größten auf feministische Bewegungen spezialisierten Fotoarchive in Mexiko und Lateinamerika. Fotografie, Video und grafische Kreation verstehen wir als Werkzeuge zur gemeinschaftlichen und individuellen Gedächtnisarbeit und Kunst als Ausdruck und Prozess radikaler feministischer Selbstsorge und Selbstverteidigung. In der Veranstaltung möchten wir unsere Arbeit im Kontext der aktuellen Situation in Mexiko vorstellen. Feminizid, gewaltsames Verschwindenlassen, Abtreibungsrecht, sexualisierte Gewalt und Übergriffe, wie auch antifeministische Hasskampagnen auf facebook und twitter sind Themen mit denen wir uns auseinandersetzen.

Die Ausstellung Frauen*kämpfe zeigt Momentaufnahmen feministischer Aktionen in Mexiko und anderen lateinamerikanischen Ländern der letzten Jahre.

Die Ausstellung wird musikalisch begleitet von Las Puchachitas (Feministischer Son Jarocho). Las Puchachitas sind eine Gruppe von mexikanischen Frauen, die sich in Berlin getroffen haben. Sie sind Feministinnen, Dekolonialistinnen, gegen Rassismus, Kapitalismus und das Patriarchat, queer, glücklich und antidepressiv. Mit den Versen des Son Jarocho hinterfragen sie Rollenzuschreibungen an Frauen.

Die Veranstaltung wird gefördert durch die Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.


July 7 2016

Opening July 77-11pm
Exhibition open by appointment only July 8 - 10

C&O and Raumerweiterungshalle are happy to introduce a new installation by New York and Seoul based artist Won Cha, the artist’s first solo exhibition in Germany.

The spirit of trauma tends not to explain itself clearly, or to let itself be seen. Individuals, families, cultures and cities live with shadows pressing hard against their backs and minds, speaking white noise into their ears, and dimming their vision. In the absence of something concrete to pull apart we recreate the original event, returning to the scene to gather more information on the faceless weights that guide us. But spirits don’t allow themselves to be locked down. Before revealing themselves, they must first be made comfortable.

Using first encounter narratives by a shipwrecked British envoy, found drawings from underground gay sex spaces in New York and Seoul, stickers from a child’s room, and commercial images from plastic surgery advertisements in Seoul, Cha has synthesized an environment in which a fukú, a concept from the Dominican Republic, which author Junot Diaz specifically describes as ‘the Curse and Doom of the new world,’ is reanimated. Cha’s installation offers an opportunity to look through the other side of the mirror, to gaze at the embittered ooze of a perpetual collision between estranged disarranged bodies.


July 2 2016

A POTLUCK/PICNIC for Black Women, Black Trans, GNC Folks and Black Queers

For no other reason than to celebrate, get to know each other, and share space with each other.

We'll provide a grill, music, sound system, a bar with cheap drinks, and a BONFIRE!

The grill is veggie, so please bring veggies, halloumi and stuff to grill, but bring whatever other foods you like to eat and share as well.

This is an event for people of African decent who identify as Black/Mixed Race, Women, Queer, Trans or GNC(Gender non Conforming).

This is an initiative from some of the Black members of the Raumerweiterungshalle and other Black friends.


June 30 2016

your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

"Don't cry for me, Argentina...."

This week's diva night is dedicated to the tears of all the divas of this year's EM football championship: To Messi, to England, Deutschland (du armes Land!) and the football divas soon to follow suit due to shock and embarrassment at their inevitable demise.

Too bad, so sad.


June 29 2016

video program

Sadie Lune and Coral Short join forces to present you with a selection of work that celebrates all that is femme at Raumerweiterungshalle. Femininity will be revered. Even worshipped. Sadie and Coral unearth filmic femme treasures and show them to you in the glittering darkness. Femme admirers welcome.

Sadie Lune und Coral Short haben sich zusammengetan, um Euch in der Raumerweiterungshalle ausgewählte Arbeiten zu präsentieren, die alles feiern, was F/femme ist. Femininität wird hier verehrt, angebetet sogar! Sadie und Coral haben filmische Femmeschätze ausgegraben, um sie Euch in der glitzernden Dunkelheit vorzuführen. Femmeliebhaber*innen willkommen.

with films by Zachary Hutchinson, Shawné Michaelain Holloway, Carrie Gates, Benjamin Yavuzsoy, Siobhan Aluvalot, 
Ellen Nielsen, Lasse Långström, Kami Chisholm, Celeste Chan, Jess Dobkin, and others

doors at 7pm, films at 8pm


June 24 2016

Soli für das Cutie.BPoC Fest 2016

Soli für das Cutie.BPoC Fest 2016

The signs are in our favor: We are organizing the second Cutie.BPoC Fest on July 22-24, a non-profit do-it-yourself/ do-it-together festival for queer, transgender and intersex Black people and People of Color. We want to create a safer space in which heteronormativity and whiteness are not centered, where there is room for empowerment, creativity, discussions, healing and growing. Your support is needed to make this possible: Make it rain and help us pay the bills for the festival.

with Duo Maravilla, Ford Kelly, Habribri b2b kos_mic q'andi, Kakaokatze, Mala


Die Zeichen stehen in unserem Sinne: Vom 22. bis zum 24. Juli organisieren wir zum zweiten Mal das Cutie.BPoC Fest, ein Non-Profit Do-It-Yourself/ Do-It-Together-Festival für queere, trans- und intergeschlechtliche of Color und Schwarze Personen. Wir möchten einen Safer Space schaffen, in dem Heteronormativität und weißsein keine zentralen Parameter mehr sind, wo Raum für Ermächtigung, Kreativität, Diskussionen, Heilung und Wachsen entsteht. Um dies zu ermöglichen, ist eure Unterstützung gefragt: Lasst das Parra runterregnen und helft uns bei der Finanzierung der Kosten für das Festival.

mit Duo Maravilla, Ford Kelly, Habribri b2b kos_mic q'andi, Kakaokatze, Mala


June 23 2016

your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

This diva night is dedicated to Luxus for Everyone. Enjoy the Screenprinting performance “Luxury goods for all of us!” by Lukas Julius Keijser (http://lukasjulius.nl/about.html). You can get prints from the performance for a little donation. The main themes of Lukas Julius Keijser  are communication, the family, the internet, and mainstream, underground and trash cultures, also he is exploring the boundaries between art and non-art. He works in a broad range of media including video, performance and photography, for which he produces his own costumes, music and texts. Since 2008 he has worked extensively with the silk-screening process.

Be your own Diva in a DIY screenprinting-action. So bring your shirts, sweaters, bags and panties.

Tonight's Special: Enjoy an utterly exquisite surprise dj set for free by a high class djane!

22 June 2016

video + discussion

Trailer: https:// pinkwashingexposed.net/ 2015/05/05/ watch-the-trailer-for-pinkw ashing-exposed-seattle-fig hts-back/

Wir von Berlin Against Pinkwashing würden Euch gerne zur Vorführung des Filmes “Pinkwashing Exposed: Seattle Fights Back!” einladen. Dieser Dokumentarfilm erläutert die Bedeutung von „Pinkwashing“ und erklärt, wie LGBTIQ*-Themen von politischen und gesellschaftlichen Akteuren ausgenutzt werden, um repressive und unterdrückende Machtstrukturen zu legitimieren. Dabei folgt er einer Gruppe von mutigen Aktivist_innen in Seattle, die dieser Instrumentalisierung auf inspirierende Weise die Stirn bieten.

Nach dem Film wird es eine Diskussionsrunde geben.

Eintritt frei

We at Berlin Against Pinkwashing are excited to announce the screening of “Pinkwashing Exposed: Seattle Fights Back”. The film sheds light on what “pinkwashing” is, offers an insight into how LGBTQI* identities are being coopted by oppressive forces, and tells the inspiring story about a group of audacious Seattle-based activists who are FIGHTING BACK.

The screening will be followed by a short discussion session.

Entrance is free


16 June 2016

your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

This diva night is dedicated to Florynce "Flo" Kennedy (1916 - 2000), Black radical activist, attorney and founder of the Feminist Party, which nominated Shirley Chisholm for President of the United States. Among many other things, she fought for abortion rights, against marriage, represented Assata Shakur and Valerie Solanas, led a pee-in on a Harvard University lawn, co-founded the National Black Feminist Organization (NBFO) and was called "The biggest, loudest and, indisputably, the rudest mouth on the battleground" by People magazine in 1974. 

"I approve of anyone wearing what the establishment says you must not wear."

In the spirit of Flo Kennedy, we encourage everyone to dress up weirdly for the night...

9 June 2016

your weekly night at Raumerweiterungshalle!

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h.

The first diva heaven is dedicated to Sylvester!

https://youtu.be/ j0Vh-a2l6SY



21 May
15:00-18:00 workshop
20:00 performance

performances and workshop

Communicating with our bodies and through touch is the first form of language we learn. It accompanies us throughout our lives.

How does the perception of our bodies influence the possible ways of touching and being touched? What kinds of contact are socially accepted, what is confined to specific contexts? How do prevailing conventions form our bodies and touch? In ‘touch pleasure work’ the performers discover modes of touch by curiously exploring and playing, opening up new perspectives.

In the second part of the show, we open up the performing area to the audience and invite you to interact directly with the performers.

For reservation contact:touch.theaterprojekt@gmail.com

After performance: URUBU Marinka (VOODOOHOP)


On Saturday, 3-6pm, there will be a workshop in which we invite you to get to know the work of the ensemble. Bring comfortable clothes, no prior experience required, language will be English or German, as required. Space is limited to 12 participants. To sign up, or any further questions concerning details, write to touch.theaterprojekt@gmail.com or call Julian: 0151-2016696.

We are looking forward to exploring with you!



Kommunikation durch Berührung ist die erste Sprachform die wir lernen und sie begleitet uns ein Leben lang.

Wie entscheidet die Wahrnehmung unserer Körper darüber, welche Möglichkeiten des Berührens und Berührtwerdens sich uns eröffnen? Welche Formen von Berührung sind in der Gesellschaft akzeptiert, welche nur in bestimmten Kontexten? Wie limitieren vorherrschende Konventionen, Körper und Berührungen? In ‚touch pleasure work‘ entdecken die Performer*innen durch unvoreingenommenes Forschen und Spielen Berührungsmöglichkeiten und eröffnen dem Publikum neue Perspektiven.

Im zweiten Teil öffnen wir die Spielfläche für eine begrenzte Anzahl von Zuschauer*innen für direkte Interaktion mit den Performer*innen.

Samstag, 21.May, in der Raumerweiterungshalle, 20 Uhr.


Um Reservierung wird gebeten: touch.theaterprojekt@gmail.com

After performance: URUBU Marinka (VOODOOHOP)


Am Samstag, 21. May, laden wir euch ein von 15-18 Uhr in die Arbeitsweise des Ensembles einzutauchen. Bitte bringe bequeme Kleidung mit, keine Vorerfahrung nötig. Workshhopsprache wird je nach Bedarf englisch oder deutsch sein. Anmeldung und alle weitere Fragen bitte an to touch.theaterprojekt@gmail.comoder an Julian: 0151-2016696.

Wir freuen uns auf euch!



May 14

soli for Women in Exile summer bus tour

Spring is blooming so come out of the woodwork and celebrate the queer feminist takeover with us!

We will open this year's Raumerweiterung season with a vegan sausage BBQ accompanied by sizzlings sounds courtesy of sausage DJ Princess4Q who will sling on their sausage skin especially for the occasion..

Bathtube Theory's punk pop transports us into a summer evening ambience which will in turn be hacked up into small but excellent pieces by No Chronicles with their edgy noisy-jazzy grooves.

Attention Horse will then do their best to patch us back up together again with their 80s style electropop letting us loose in full poptastic spirits on DJ team SeriousPrecious4Q for a brilliant finale to our eclectic feminist evening.


Any profits made will go to the Women in Exile's summer bus tour, so bring your friends and donate lots (if you can)!!